College of Journalism and Mass Communications Strategic Planning

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Our Strategic Plan

The College of Journalism and Mass Communications' Strategic Plan was crafted by 78 faculty, staff, students, alumni and industry partners over the 2020-2021 academic year.

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Charting Our Future

Purpose of Strategic Planning

  • Clearly articulates our enduring mission as a college and our near and longer-term strategic goals, as well as the means to achieve both
  • Creates an institutional culture that is forward-looking rather than reactive
  • Promotes unity of purpose amongst the faculty, staff, administration and other stakeholders
  • Clearly outlines the characteristics, distinctions and attributes we need to develop to achieve our goals
  • Charts a course toward creating these distinctions and articulates the actions that need to be taken
  • Sets benchmarks and measures that must be met along the way to bring the plan to fruition


  • Inclusive: Engages critical internal and external stakeholders faculty, staff, alumni, students, industry partners, etc.
  • Transparent: Open to criticism and feedback monthly meetings, updates, materials online for review and comment
  • Grounded: Requires a clear understanding of the environment academic, industry, financial, political
  • Market-driven: Requires positioning to create and sustain competitive advantages
  • Decisive: Focuses on hard choices and does not fall into the trap of seeking unanimity
  • Purposeful: Holds us accountable!

Meetings and Discussions

Our Direction

In preparation for the strategic planning process, the college conducted an exploratory survey to determine what shared values and ideas we can embrace in the future.

Our Direction Defining Our Purpose

Planning Process

Environment August 2020

An examination of the current state of higher education, our industries, our competitors, our University and our college.

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SOAR AnalysisSeptember 2020

Determining our strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results.

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PlanningOctober 2020

Getting ready to begin.

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CapabilitiesNovember 2020

What distinguishes us from the competition.

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StrategiesDecember 2021

How we will get to the future we imagine.

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Updated StrategiesJanuary 2021

Refining our steps.

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Action PlanFebruary 2021

What steps we will take to get there.

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Task Forces

Each task force is composed of faculty, staff, students and alumni of the College of Journalism and Mass Communications. Together they will identify our distinguishing characteristics, develop our measures of success and determine strategies for our future.

Mission, Vision, Values

  • Shari Veil, co-chair
  • Kaitlin Van Loon, co-chair
  • Alex Fernando
  • Gary Kebbel
  • Barney McCoy
  • Greg Andersen
  • Madeline Wiseman
  • Lyn Wineman
  • Adam Kroft
  • Regan Vaccaro
External Operations

  • Jemalyn Griffin, co-chair
  • Nicole Blackstock, co-chair
  • Trina Creighton
  • Chris Graves
  • Anne McConkey
  • Matt Boyd
  • Deb Fiddelke
  • Dylan De Vries
  • Kellie Wostrel
People/Internal Operations

  • Matt Waite, co-chair
  • Haley Hamel, co-chair
  • Rick Alloway
  • Steve Blum
  • Valerie Jones
  • Jill Martin
  • Tyler Thomas
  • Paula Lavigne
  • Tabitha Lincoln
  • Jasmine Alexander
Undergraduate Academic Operations

  • Adam Wagler, co-chair
  • Andrea  Gaghagen, co-chair
  • Kelli Britten
  • Tiffany Groteluschen
  • Amy Ort
  • Luis Peon-Casanova
  • Kaci Richter
  • Jenn Sheppard
  • Bruce Thorson
  • Cody Frederick
  • Chad Davis
  • Caelan Debban
Graduate Academic Operations

  • Joe Weber, co-chair
  • Carly Morse, co-chair
  • Monique Farmer
  • Laurie Lee
  • Olga Pierce
  • Bryan Wang
  • Lauryn Higgins
  • Mike Reilley
Scholarship & Creative Activity

  • John Bender, co-chair
  • Bridgett Grant, co-chair
  • Michelle Hassler
  • Dane Kiambi
  • Katie Krcmarik
  • Maria Marron
  • Joe Starita
  • Changmin Yan
  • Lyle Denniston
  • LaSharah Bunting
  • Chelsea Hampton
Student Experiences & Experiential Learning

  • Frauke Hachtmann, co-chair
  • Kris Scanlon, co-chair
  • Alan Eno
  • Jessica Fargen-Walsh
  • Susan Oestmann
  • Vance Payne
  • John Shrader
  • Allen Vaughan
  • Kelly Mosier
  • Emily Morrow
  • Paige Heinemann
External Review

Expectations of the External Review Committee

  • Provide a common language
  • Organize the conclusions in a "headline" format
  • Identify relationships among plan elements
  • Assist in identifying gaps in the plan


  • Sandy Dose
  • Margaret Holman
  • Mary Garbacz
  • Steve Jordon
  • Nancy Mitchell
  • Harry Argue
  • Phyllis Larsen