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Whether you spent hours dedicated to your rough drafts or weekends weeding through creative briefs, you know and understand the excitement and passion that exists within students at the College of Journalism & Mass Communications. You were once in their shoes, so we invite you to give back to our current Cornhuskers in the most direct way possible.

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Student Experiences Fund

Students in the College of Journalism & Mass Communications are encouraged to take their skills beyond the classroom. Gifts to this fund support students taking part in unique experiences to enhance their knowledge and further their career opportunities.

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Jacht Ad Lab Fund

Jacht provides students with the opportunity to work in a real-life agency setting in exchange for course credit and valuable experience. A gift to this fund helps keep the agency afloat by providing access to workspaces and technology.

Donate to the Jacht Ad Lab Fund
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KRNU Excellence Fund

From their first week at CoJMC, students can host their own radio show or provide play-by-play announcing on KRNU. Gifts to this fund ensure that current and future students can have continued access to this beneficial and unique student experience.

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National Student Advertising Competition Fund

The gifts to this fund help support the students of the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC). NSAC is a competitive upperclassmen course that prepares and presents a professional advertising campaign for a chosen national client each year.  

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Depth Reporting Excellence Fund

Depth Reporting students push themselves to create a magazine, documentary or website based on a timely topic of interest. This fund helps support those broadcasting and journalism students as they write the first draft of history. 

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CoJMC Emergency N Fund

This fund seeks to support students facing emergency situations that threaten progress toward their degree. By alleviating financial strain and burden, these students can devote more time to their studies. 

Donate to the Emergency N fund
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Contact Greg with Questions

Greg Jensen
Director of Development
College of Journalism and Mass Communications
402-416-6530 (cell)
800-432-3216 (toll-free)