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Build experience - your way

Depending on your majors and minors, as well as your interests and goals, certain kinds of experience may be critical. Plan to pursue at least two of these opportunities—hopefully more!

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Get valuable experience, build skills, and try out an employer or position. Many internships lead to permanent jobs!

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Work in a lab, partner with a faculty member, or propose your own research through UCARE.

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Education Abroad

Sharpen language skills, gain independence, and develop a global perspective, while earning credit with Education Abroad.

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Join at least two student organizations each term. Network with others and work toward a leadership position.

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Get involved in a one-time or long-term service opportunity. Engage with the community and contribute your time and talents.

Explore support through career services

As a CoJMC student, you’re gaining valuable hands-on experience in your courses. Is it time to take those experiences to the next level? If so, schedule a time to meet with the college’s Career Development Specialist to talk about internships and careers, and navigating resumes, cover letters and interviews. Housed in Andersen Hall and 100% dedicated to the four CoJMC majors, our Career Specialist is committed to supporting students as they shape – and figure out – their current and future opportunities.

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Employer Resources

As an employer, we know you are looking to hire for both internships and full-time career positions. Are you also hoping to connect with CoJMC students in other ways? If so, we are always happy to offer multiple opportunities for companies and organizations to reach students:

Advertise a Position

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Promote your job or internship opportunity to our students through Handshake and our weekly newsletter.

Promote Your Company

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Raise the profile of your company with students by hosting an information booth in the Andersen hall lobby. Email Natalie to get started.

Conduct Interviews

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Conveniently conduct interviews with CoJMC students right in Andersen Hall. Email Natalie to get started.

Join a Career Fair

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Sign up to participate in one of the University's career fairs targeting the employees you're looking for.

Support Career Prep

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Volunteer your time to conduct mock interviews, review resumes and talk to students as part of our career preparation course.

Mentor a Student

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Spend time one on one helping a student identify their passions, grow their network and land their dream job through our digital mentoring platform, Husker Connect.

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