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Special Topics Classes

College of Journalism & Mass Communications Special Topics Classes

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Special topic courses are new or emerging classes offered for three credit hours during a regular academic session - fall, spring or summer semesters.

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Fall 2024

JOMC 391 | 3 credits Healthy Notions or Fakery Potions: Health Topics in the Media

Open to All UNL Students. Register in MyRed.

Students should take this course to increase critical thinking skills regarding topics that affect people at different stages of their life. By developing critical thinking skills towards health topics, students would learn to be more aware of industry practices and how these practices influence the way audiences view themselves individually and within societal norms. Also, students would have the opportunity to discuss sensitive topics and learn how to communicate about these topics within a public forum.

Faculty: Sharon Baldinelli

SPMC 391.001 | 3 credits | In Person Sports Betting and the MediaTR 12:30-1:45 p.m.

Open to All UNL Students. Register in MyRed.

This course will explore a myriad of approaches to the quickly spreading legalization of sports betting in the United States. Course topics include exploration of legal issues, foreign countries’ approaches to sports betting, ethical advertising and promotion of sports betting, media management’s relationship with sports books and professional sports leagues, review of past sports betting scandals, and critical observation of journalists’ current approaches to covering sports betting in the U.S.

Faculty: Brian Petrotta

BRDC 391.001 | 3 creditsBroadcasting Audience Research and Analysis

Open to All UNL Students. Register in MyRed.

Learn how the audience research industry works in this practical and conceptual foundation for conducting professional media research analysis. Analyze ratings and other metrics for radio and television news and entertainment, cable, streaming, podcast, and video gaming industries. Through a case study approach, learn to recognize, interpret and effectively communicate audience data from industry data sets, developing real-world media research analyst skills. Also understand the fundamentals of research design, methods, and sampling and be able to evaluate research vendors for strengths and weaknesses in their audience measurement. Work will be done with Excel spreadsheets; no advanced mathematical skills required.

Faculty: Laurie Lee
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