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Special topic courses are new or emerging classes offered for three credit hours during a regular academic session - fall, spring or summer semesters. 

Summer 2019

Visual Storytelling and Content Creation
ADPR 491/891.201| online | 8-week session | Alan Eno | 3 credit hours

Video is an integral part of modern storytelling. This class will focus its attention on the strategy of visual storytelling; exploring the story itself, creativity, and production value from a hardware agnostic perspective.

Some of the questions we will explore include; how does one tell a compelling, engaging, and good looking story...regardless of whether they use an iPhone and Adobe Clip or a JVC 600 and Premiere? What strategies need to be involved to plan and execute a quality product with consumer level hardware? What tools and tricks are useful when it comes to making your content look professional?

Fall 2019

Data Storytelling
JOMC 491/891.951 | online | mini session, Oct. 21 - Dec.13 | Olga Pierce | 3 credit hours

Every day, more of our lives are being stored in a database somewhere. With that explosion of data, storytellers now more than ever need the skills to analyze and understand data to then produce the stories hidden in the information. In this class, we’ll use brainpower and software to look at raw data -- not summarized and already reported information -- to tell stories for a variety of audiences. We’re going to get our hands dirty with code, data, basic stats and the thinking that goes with it.

UX/UI Design
ADPR 391.002 | Thursdays, 5:30-8:20 p.m. | Mollie Cox, lead user experience architect, DMSi Software | 3 credit hours

Web design systems expand design knowledge from paper to digital. In the world of digital and interactive media, tools change and trends come and go. Applying principles and strategy for user experience (UX) and user interface design (UI) students will create usable prototype designs. This class you will learn prototyping best practices using Sketch, apply Atomic Design Principles and understand web designs systems without any coding.

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