Special Topics

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Special Topics

Spring 2016

ADPR 391 Digital Content Strategy
W/F 0830-0945, ANDN109 TYLER THOMAS

In today’s world, digital advertising is essential for reaching your audience and the heart of good digital advertising is the creation of smart digital content. This course will focus on the digital content landscape with the goal to inform students on how to identify, develop, execute and analyze effective digital advertising strategies.

ADPR 491 Corporate Crisis Communication
R 0330-0620, 109 ANDN, DANE KIAMBI

This course focuses on the role of public relations in the prevention of crises, response to crises and recovery from crises. Students will learn how to preempt, prepare for and respond to corporate, nonprofit, individual and government sector crises from a public relations perspective. Through case studies and in-class activities/simulations, the course emphasizes the practical application of crisis communication theories, strategies and tactics when developing and implementing crisis communication plans.

ADPR 491 Owned, Earned and Paid Media
T/R 1230-0145 109 ANDN, VALERIE JONES

The cleverest content in the world doesn’t matter if the right people don’t experience it. Opportunities to connect with consumers through social, digital, traditional, and mobile media abound, and understanding how, when, and why to engage segments of an audience through different media is critical to a brand’s success. This course focuses on strategy, creativity, and thinking holistically about the entire media ecosystem. Learn to evaluate and create meaningful opportunities for brands to connect with consumers across earned, owned, and paid media.

BRDC 491/891 Digital Motion Graphics
W 0530-0820, 29 ANDN, MATT TURNER

Creating digital motion graphics and animation, including moving text and images using the compositing and animation software Adobe After Effects. It covers project creation, techniques, workflow and management as well as related post production work such as color correction. There are no prerequisites, but it is helpful to have some familiarity with Adobe Premiere and/or Adobe Photoshop.

BRDC 491 Television Sports Reporting
M 0100-0550, Newsroom and Studios, JERRY RENAUD

Students will collaborate to produce a weekly 30-minute ESPN sportscenter style of program. It will involve both studio and field production improving students’ ability to anchor a sportscast, including highlights and giving analysis on a variety of sports. It will also give students the opportunity to direct and produce a multi-camera, multi-studio program placing a heavy emphasis on writing and performance, with the addition of field production and reporting. Students will get experience in anchoring, reporting, social media, directing, graphics and all other forms of studio and field production.

JOMC 491-891 News Engagement Lab

In this hands-on course, you will create, implement and analyze audience engagement strategies for news projects produced by NET News. You will study the engagement practices of news organizations and learn how to use both social media and traditional methods to engage a variety of audiences. You will collaborate with NET professionals to develop and test ideas and strategies that news organizations could put into practice. Open to any CoJMC major; junior or senior standing.

JOMC 491 Oral History Project for Rural Nebraska
T 0600-0800, 104 TEMP, MARY KAY QUINLAN

In the Oral History Project for Rural Nebraska, students will learn qualitative research skills as they plan, research and conduct archival-quality oral history interviews with century farmers for deposit at the Nebraska State Historical Society. They will also participate in a statewide tour of “Catherland,” a musical set in the rural Nebraska community of Red Cloud, home of author Willa Cather. Students will record audience members’ memories of rural life, which also will become part of the collection.

JOMC 491 Financial Communications II
W 0600-0800, 217 ANDN, JOE WEBER

Interested in reporting on business and economics for major news organizations? How about working in investor relations for major corporations? This course teaches undergraduate and graduate students how to report on and write about business news, as well as how to communicate such news to the media and investors. This is a continuation of Financial Communications I, a fall 2015 course, but new students are welcome.

JOMC 291 Social Justice, Human Rights & the Media

This class will focus on the role of ethical principles and social responsibility and their importance in society and the media today. We will be studying and analyzing the issue of local and global human trafficking and pursue ways of advancing knowledge and solutions in the areas of awareness, prevention, education, and the role of media. Additionally, we will explore civil, political, economic, ethnic and cultural rights and different thematic and cultural topics in human rights. We will have some great speakers, who are subject matter specialists visit as guest lecturers.

Fall 2015

ADPR 391 Special Topics: Digital Advertising
M/F 0830-0945, 109 ANDN, TYLER THOMAS

Digital advertising is essential for reaching your audience. This course will review the digital advertising landscape with the goal to inform students on how to identify, develop, execute and analyze effective digital advertising strategies. 

ADPR 391 Special Topics: Owned, Earned, and Paid Media
T/R 1130-1245, 109 ANDN, VALERIE JONES

The media ecosystem is increasingly complex, and connecting with consumers in a meaningful way is more challenging than ever. This course focuses on how to think holistically about that ecosystem and create, evaluate, and identify meaningful opportunities for brands to connect with consumers across earned, owned, and paid media. 

ADPR 491/891 Special Topics: International Public Relations
R 0530-0820, 109 ANDN, DANE KIAMBI

International PR is practiced by all types of private, public, nonprofit, activist, and non-governmental organizations and institutions that engage in building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders in many locations worldwide. This course will help students become knowledgeable of PR across the world and the opportunities it offers to them.

JOUR 491 Special Topics: New Media Development
T/R 0230-0345, 120 ANDN, MATT WAITE

Employers are looking for storytellers who can bend the internet to their will and make stories that use the medium to go deep. In this course, you will learn how the internet works, and how to get your hands dirty in it. We¹ll tackle journalism and some code while making cool things on the web.

JOMC 491/891: Special Topics: Financial Communications
T/W 0600-0715, 217 ANDN, JOE WEBER

In this course students will learn how business journalists and investor relations executives tell the public, investors and regulators about business and economic news. Students will learn how to report and describe corporate financial information and business and economic news and will help them in careers in journalism, public relations and business.

JOMC 491/891: Special Topics: Mobile Media
T/R 0230-0345, 114 ANDN, GARY KEBBEL

In this course, students will learn about mobile media as the best way to reach the audience of the future. Students will discover the best ways to use mobile media to inform others, to solve problems. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to help organize a national mobile media conference, called Mobile Me & You on Oct. 28-30.