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Pop-up classes are short, one-credit hour courses designed to allow students to dive into emerging industry trends and gain skills to prepare them for future careers.

Pop-up classes are open to all UNL students. Register in MyRed.

Spring 2020

JOMC 391.951 | 1 credit hourHistory of Women in Advertising, Broadcasting, Journalism and Sports2:30-5:30 p.m., March 6, 13, 20 and April 3 &10

The course will discuss the history of women in advertising, broadcasting, sports, and journalism. While students may have some knowledge of women in these professions, this course will dive in deeper to the history of women in the profession especially those taking leadership roles. Women also played roles far earlier than many of us realize and often failed to receive the full credit due for their roles. The course will include looking at women of color in the professions. The course will answer the questions: Who were the trailblazers? Who had accomplishments many may not know about? How did women in the profession get the ground they have? What can we learn from these women and their contributions?.

Faculty: Katie Krcmarik
photo of Beverly Deepe Keever, CoJMC alum and female journalist in Vietnam

JOMC 491/891.954 | 1 credit hour360 Video StorytellingWednesdays, 5-8 p.m., April 1-29

In traditional video storytelling, it's easy to focus a viewer’s attention in order to further the story: Simply point the camera at the action. Framing excludes any extraneous content. In the 360 video environment, the storyteller can no longer control the frame: the viewer does. How must the story change to accommodate for this? How does a storyteller direct attention without a frame? What types of stories work, and what types do not, in a 360 environment? We will take a practical approach to answering these questions by creating short stories using 360 video.

Faculty: Alan Eno

BRDC 191.951 | 1 credit hourAudio Podcasting 101April 3, April 10 and May 1, 1-6 p.m.

Introduction to and exploration of audio podcasting. Topics include content/idea creation, hardware and software, writing techniques, vocal performance, hosting platforms, promotion of a podcast and how to make money from one.

Faculty: Rick Alloway

Fall 2020

ADPR 291 | 1 credit hourMedia Sales & Account ManagementSaturday Oct. 24, 10am-6pm Sunday Oct. 25, 10am-6pm

Love coming up with great ideas and solutions, but find yourself always the one who makes sure every little detail is completed with the best possible result? Then this is your opportunity to put those talents and skills to work and explore the world of media sales and account management. This interactive, fast-paced session will explore everything from the skill set needed to succeed in the world of media sales and account management to developing and closing a multimedia plan for a local business.

Faculty: David Thiemann

JOMC 491/891 | 1 credit hourBecome an After Effects NinjaFriday Oct. 2, 4pm-9pm Saturday Oct. 3, 9am-3pm Sunday Oct. 4, 9am-3pm

Become an After Effects Ninja. Learn the essentials of After Effects to add this awesome program to your arsenal of skills. Come learn to keyframe, layer, and animate your way to the top of the resume pile.

Faculty: Colby Dolan
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