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College of Journalism & Mass Communications Pop-up Classes

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Open to All UNL Students. Register in MyRed.

Pop-up classes are short, one-credit-hour courses designed to allow students to dive into emerging industry trends and gain skills to prepare them for future careers.

Pop-up classes are open to all UNL students and are Pass/No Pass. Register in MyRed.

Fall 2022

JOMC 492/892.951 | 1 credit | P/NP European Sports and Media: The 2022 Football World Cup TR 5:30pm-7:20pm 8/23-9/15

Open to All UNL Students. Register in MyRed.

This course explores the German and European media and sports landscape as well as the in fall 2022 upcoming Football World Cup as a major international sports event. Gain an in-depth understanding of European sports media and what is found in other nations and continents like the United States. The course will focus on topics related to communication and mass media, as well as sports sociology, management, and journalism. Students will examine the organization and impact of the Football World Cup, particularly with a view on the forthcoming 2026 WC in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Faculty: Thomas Horky

JOMC 292.951 | 1 credit hour | P/NP Media Sales & Account Management 10 am-6 pm 9/24-9/25

Open to All UNL Students. Register in MyRed.

Do you love being creative when you're faced with a challenge? This weekend Pop-up will give you a snapshot of how you can combine your creativity and business acumen with a career in Media Sales and Account Management. You'll learn the basics of consultative selling for media, and even work with a local business to help them develop a winning marketing plan.

Faculty: David Thiemann

ADPR 483/883.951 | 1 credit hour | Graded Portfolio Development R 5:30pm-8:20pm 10/6-11/3

Open to All UNL Students. Register in MyRed.

Need to dial in your portfolio? In this course you will learn how to improve your work and execute a variety of pieces that demonstrate experience in the form of a portfolio. Explore strategies to brand yourself using a portfolio to showcase the very best of your skills. You'll leverage relevant digital tools and media platforms to present your work to potential employers and clients.

Prerequisites: JOMC 101, JOMC 130-134, ADPR 151, ADPR 221, and ADPR 283.

If you do not meet the prerequisites and are still interested in taking this course, please request a permission code and your request will be considered (codes can be requested here).

Faculty: Mitch Benes

JOMC 192.951 | 1 credit hour NYC Media Tour 10/1-10/28

This year we are offering this NYC Media Tour experience as a pop-up class with the option of taking the class for credit. You do not need to take the class for credit to participate, but you must sign up through the form below to go on the trip. Leading up to the NYC Media Tour trip, which takes place 10/16-10/19, students will be expected to complete pre-trip assignments and attend a meeting to prepare for the trip. It is important to note that students will be responsible for their own travel and lodging costs/arrangements associated with the trip. If you have any questions or concerns before committing to the experience, please reach out to CoJMC's Career Development Specialist, Natalie Roetman at

To learn more about the 1 credit hour option and to sign up for the media tour look here.

JOMC 392.791 | 1 credit hour | P/NP The "Reel" Deal: Instagram for Storytelling ONLINE 10/24 - 11/28

Open to All UNL Students. Register in MyRed.

1 billion people use Instagram across the globe each and every month, spending an average of 30 minutes per day. 500 million people use Instagram stories every day and nearly 50% of people have visited a website to make a purchase after seeing a product or service. In the U.S., 26% of people aged 18 to 24 have recently used Instagram specifically to access coronavirus news. The platform provides countless opportunities for brands, businesses and organizations, from non-profits and for profits to large news organizations to tell stories and connect a message with a consumer. In this course, students will take a deep dive into the Instagram platform researching best practices, ethics and learning the ins and out of how to create and measure content. Students will learn and create content for the grid, stories, IGTV, reels, Instagram live and eCommerce to best leverage the platform to accomplish strategic communication goals.

Faculty: Tyler Thomas
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