Distinctive Capabilities

College of Journalism and Mass Communications Planning

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Who we are

Distinctive Capabilities

The strategic planning task forces met on Oct. 2 to begin discussing our core competencies and special attributes.

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Please submit your feedback for each task force, before moving on to the next one. 

Mission, Vision, Values

Distinctive Capability 

Brand: “We empower storytellers.” 

Mission: We empower the next generation of storytellers through real-world experiences from day one. 

Audacious Goal: To launch every student from the college with a portfolio of published work, built through hands-on, real-world experience. 

  • Student Survey
    • % of students in each year who engage in hands-on opportunities in the classroom (Communication Design, Mosaic, Nebraska News Service, UNLimited Sports, etc.) 
    • % of students in each year who engage in hands-on opportunities in student organizations (KRNU, Daily Nebraskan, Ad Club, etc.) internships, and industry-related work 
    • % of students in each year who engage in selective career-enhancing experiences (Jacht, NSAC, Bateman, depth reporting, global eyewitness, etc.)  
  • Senior Survey
    • % of students with published work at graduation 
    • % of students with a portfolio at graduation 
    • % of students with internships or industry-related jobs at graduation 
  • Alumni Survey
    • Full-time, major-related employment rates within the first year of graduation 
    • Promotions of alumni within the field 
    • Number of alumni in top leadership position 
    • Number of alumni who own their own business 
  • Employer Survey
    • % of recent grads with positive feedback from employers 
    • % of interns with positive feedback from employers 

External Operations

Distinctive Capability 

The UNL College of Journalism and Mass Communications (CoJMC) will be known as a diverse, nationally-recognized, experiential and creative learning environment. CoJMC produces graduates who make an impact in their field, cultivates a global network of alumni and innovative professionals, and harnesses strategic industry partnerships to advance the communications profession while enriching the communities we serve.

  • Student & Graduate Employment
    • Landings for summer internships
    • Full-time employment
    • Agency/Business Owners
  • Increased Engagement of Alumni and Stakeholders
    • Fundraising and donations
    • Corporate outreach
    • Alumni interactions with the college
  • Impact of Experiential & Creative Learning
    • Interdisciplinary opportunities or innovative partnerships with other academic units
    • Professional mentorships, hands-on class experiences, client work
  • Strategic Industry Partnerships
    • Industry/Professional partnerships
    • Impact of community, industry & global partners
  • National Awards & Recognition
    • Earned media mentions with positive sentiment & placement
    • Scholarly & creative awards
    • Alumni & faculty recognitions

People & Internal Operations

Distinctive Capability  Our core is our people. Our students, faculty and staff are passionate, curious and collaborative, working hard to create an evolving, innovative and inclusive place for all to thrive. 
  • Student and External Recognition: Awards to faculty, staff, students, programs, student organizations, alumni, etc; invitations to speak.
  • Professional Development: Promotions, tenure; faculty and staff retention; participation in development opportunities; research and creative output; honors students; graduates with distinction; UCARE, FYRE participation; job placement.
  • Leadership: Leadership positions held on campus, in the academy, industry and community. 
  • Partnerships: #s of: cross-campus collaborations; collaborative publications, grants, fellowships, co-sponsorships; joint academic and research programs; real clients/publishers.
  • Climate: Diversity of faculty, staff and students; diversity of new hires; participation in RSOs; event attendance; social opportunities; results of climate survey; retention, graduation numbers; net transfer students. 
  • Evolution: curriculum reviews completed; new special topics, pop-ups created; new programs; spaces/classrooms renovated/updated; experimental technology purchased

Undergraduate Academic Operations

Distinctive Capability  We are an accessible community of creative media professionals preparing - from Day 1 - the next generation of storytellers as they begin communications careers in a dynamic, diverse and global media landscape that demands data-driven proof-of-performance. 
  • Accessible community 
    • Mentoring: open-door policy, critique, constructive feedback, timely feedback, comm design lab, peer mentoring, networking opportunities 
    • Survey perceptions, demographics, community, future/next-gen, career, in-state/out-of-state/international
    • Resources: Student success and support

  • Creative Media Professionals 
    • Accomplishments: Telling stories of success and highlighting accomplishments: faculty, staff, students, and the entire college 
    • Competitor analysiscurriculum, courses, topics, brand as college/professor
  • Day 1 
    • Assessmentcurriculum, courses, programs 
    • Hands-on: experimental learning opportunities 
    • Trends: pop-up courses 
    • Community – JOMC 100, comm design, student orgs, academic success
  • Next-Gen
    • Survey:  perceptions, demographics, community, future/next-gen, career, in-state/out-of-state/international 
    • Trends: flexibility, streetwise, critical thinking, digital, data - in the curriculum, classes, pop-ups, experiences, experiential learning 
  • Communications Careers 
    • Career Prep – repetitions in every course, JOMC 20, clients, storytelling, indepth, in curriculum, competitions  
    • Industry: employer engagements and perceptions of  student skills 
    • Real-worldchallenges/opportunities in the curriculum 
  • Media Landscape 
    • Awards: student work being recognized – locally and nationally – awards/publications/distributions 
    • Creativity: Critical /creative thinking 
    • Trends: up-to-date curriculum based on media industry trends 
    • Global: Travel abroad opportunities 
    • Diversity: engage diverse perspectives and audiences 
  • Data-Driven
    • Impactwork makes a difference on the community, people, peers, etc.  
    • Measurement: academic measures of success for student success - Satisfaction, graduation rates, retention rates  
    • Survey:  perceptions, demographics, community, future/next gen, career, in-state/out-of-state/international 

Graduate Academic Operations

Distinctive Capability  We offer an accessible Big Ten graduate education through a rigorous professional and academic curriculum befitting outstanding student scholars. Our flexible program offers forward-thinking and tech-savvy coursework available both online and in-person. 
  • Enrollment in master’s degree and certificate programs
  • Completion times to degree or certificate
  • Number of courses scheduled regularly and offered in each major
  • Increase in certificate offerings
  • Number of students who move from certificate into master’s programs
  • Student satisfaction levels
  • Moves into doctoral programs or new jobs within six months of graduating
  • Quality of students admitted, via undergraduate GPA and/or industry experience levels
  • Distinctive talents of faculty

Scholarship & Creative Activity

Distinctive Capability  We aspire to produce relevant, ethical, and impactful research through the use of transparency and diverse methods while encouraging scholarly activity, collaborative endeavors, and leadership within our faculty, staff, and students. 
  • Publications (scholarly) 
    • Ratings of the publishing journals would be relevant
  • Publications (professional) 
    • Impact on the profession
    • Initiatives arising from the research or publication
    •  Work with local communities (newsletters)
  • Grants 
  • Media citations 
  • Awards 
  • Invited presentations 
  • Geographical reach of the publication 
  • Creation of new knowledge 
  • Students in UCARE 
  • Master’s theses 

Student Experiences & Experiential Learning

Distinctive Capability 

Student Experience: We provide an accessible, caring and supportive learning environment where all students can thrive and gain an advantage in the professional world or prepare for advanced education. 

Experiential Learning: We provide inclusive, innovative and experimental active learning experiences and reflection enhanced by industry partners that empower graduates with a professional advantage. 

  • Student Experience
  • # of support staff 

  • # of faculty sponsoring extracurriculars 

  • # of staff to student ratio 

  • # of faculty to student ratio 

  • # of students with jobs directly out of college 

  • # of grad school applications 

  • Experiential Learning
  • # of opportunities available to (accessible to?) majority of students (inclusion) 

  • # of BIPOC and LGBTQA+ students with internships/jobs directly of out college 

  • # of influential BIPOC and LGBTQA+ alums in related fields  

  • # of students w/internships 

  • # of companies that professors/staff cultivate relationships with 

  • # of students participating in extracurriculars 

  • # of students with jobs directly out of college 

  • # of influential alums in related fields 

  • # of students studying abroad 

Comments and Feedback

All comments are anonymous and will be forwarded to the strategic planning committee.