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Summer 2020 Keep your career on track

Paid InternshipsCareer Classes
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The College of Journalism and Mass Communications is offering summer 2020 opportunities for qualified students who need to gain skills and experiences to keep their careers on track. Choose between paid internships and career-focused courses to build your resume and market yourself in a changing media landscape.

Paid Internships

Interns will work between 10 and 20 hours per week, June to August 2020, depending upon their availability and organizational needs. All work during the summer will be remote. Applicants must have access to a laptop and internet. Applications are due May 20, 2020.

Summer InternshipNebraska News Service

The Nebraska News Service provides coverage of news, sports and special projects that impact Nebraska communities. Stories are published on the Nebraska News Service website and distributed for publication to more than 140 news and media outlets throughout Nebraska. Apply to be a: 

  • reporter
  • feature writer
  • editor
  • videographer
  • photographer
  • producer
  • data journalist
  • sports reporter

Apply to be a Nebraska News Service Intern and cover the impacts of COVID-19 on Nebraska. 

Managing Editor: Jill Martin


Work for one of these three divisions of the Nebraska News Service.
Nebraska News Service Logo

Cover news, features or in-depth stories about the impact of COVID-19 on Nebraska Communities.

News Editor: Jessica Walsh

Unlimited Sports Logo

Sports will never be the same. Working for Unlimited Sports you'll examine the changing face of sports in Nebraska.

Sports Editor: John Shrader

Roper Lab logo

Put your skills to the test using data to enhance local coverage of COVID-19.

Data Editors: Matt Waite & Olga Pierce

Summer InternshipJacht Ad Lab

For the first time, the Jacht Ad Lab is offering paid summer internships. Jacht is the College of Journalism and Mass Communications student-run advertising agency. Apply to work with real clients on real projects that can build your portfolio. Apply to be a:

  • account executive
  • strategist
  • designer
  • copywriter
  • photographer
  • videographer
Director: Jemalyn Griffin


Summer InternshipHealth Communication Research

Students will research health (mis)information and communication on social media. They will harvest social media data, analyze these data to identify insights and write research reports. Students who are interested in analyzing social media data, honing their research skills, becoming social media strategists, pursuing graduate school, or looking to be involved in research activities are strongly encouraged to apply.

You'll build skills in media research and analysis that will support you in your future career as a social media or data analyst or propel you to the top in grad school.

Primary Investigator: Bryan Wang


Career Classes

The COVID-19 global pandemic is changing our world forever. To adapt and succeed in the new normal, students will need outstanding professional skills and an understanding of the disease's impact on our world. Enroll in any of the courses below in MyRed. For questions about how these courses could meet your degree requirements, please contact your assigned academic adviser.

JOUR 191.800 | 1 credit hours | Online | July 10 - August 13 Pop-up: Become a Freelance Journalist

Today’s journalism landscape is ever-evolving and you should be too. Through this one-credit hour course, you'll learn the basics of what it takes to get your freelance journalism career off the ground. From finding your specialty, pitching stories, navigating contracts to understanding how to file taxes as a freelancer, we’ll cover it all. This interactive and fast-paced course will include guest lectures from CoJMC alumni, writing assignments tailored to you and the opportunity to walk away with a portfolio of work to help you land your first gig.

Faculty: Lauryn Higgins

JOMC 391.800 | 1 credit hour | July 13- August 13 | OnlinePop-up: Bias in Media

How does bias manifests in media? Why is it important to recognize bias and work to eliminate it? And what are best practices to avoid bias when creating media? This course is focused on portrayal of race, gender, and sexuality in media.

Faculty: Katie Krcmarik

ADPR 491.291 1 credit hours | Online | August 1, 2, 8 & 9, 10 a.m. -2 p.m.  Pop-up: Branding Yourself in Today's Market

Wondering how to brand yourself in today's ever-changing market? One of the best ways to articulate your skills, experience, knowledge, and overall worth in today’s competitive job market is to create a personal brand that helps you stand out in the crowd. Learn how to formulate your own value proposition and convey your knowledge, skills and abilities to prospective employers. This pop-up course will leverage relevant social media platforms and other online portfolio tools to help you reframe how you approach your personal brand.

Faculty: Jemalyn Griffin

JGEN 184.800 | 3 credit hours | Online July 13 - August 13Basic Photography/Videography

Apply theoretical information and develop practical skills in electronic media to communicate messages using visual and audio tools and techniques. Students will utilize electronic media to communicate visually and aurally. The course is designed to further develop the creative thought process through visual storytelling. This course is certified as an ACE 2. 

Faculty: Luis Peon-Casanova

ADPR 283.800 | 3 credit hours | Online | July 13 - August 13Strategy Development for Advertising & Public Relations

Examine client problems and possible solutions and develop and evaluate strategies and tactics for promotional communications. 

Pre-requisite: ADPR 151

Faculty: Kelli Britten

JOMC 380.800 | 3 credit hours | Online | July 13 - August 13Global News in the Age of Social Media

This ACE 9 course is designed to study global pandemic news and misinformation. It uses pertinent current events to help students “exhibit global awareness or knowledge of human diversity through analysis of an issue.” Students will analyze the spread of verified information and misinformation from global news organizations and from social media. The class will include worldwide remote video discussions with journalists. It will teach media literacy life skills.

Faculty: Gary Kebbel

JOMC 391.801 | 3 credit hours | Online | July 13 - August 13Pandemics in Literature and Literary Journalism

This course allows students to take a course rooted in language and culture while learning about pandemics in literature and literary journalism. Works include Daniel Defoe's Journal of the Plague Year, Boccaccio's The Decameron, Albert Camus' The Plague, and various writers in contemporary media.

Faculty: Maria Marron

ADPR 491/891.800 | 3 credit hours | Online | July 13 - August 13User Experience (UX) Research and Design

Combining UX Research and UX Design focuses on the creation of great interactions with owned media, specifically digital products. The course uses design concepts and applied research methods to explore how positive user experience impacts brand perception. It connects the research methods courses to the Digital Insights and Analytics course.

Faculty: Adam Wagler
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