Sports Media & Communication Sample Four Year Plan

Major Requirements

This is just an overview of the courses required here at CoJMC. Please make an appointment with one of our advisors on Student Success Hub (SSH) to ensure you're on the right track to graduation. You can find more information on our advisors at the bottom of this page.

43 credits in your major
72 outside
120 total

100-Level Required Courses

  • JOMC 100: First Year Experience
  • JOMC 101: Principles of Mass Media
  • SPMC 150: Intro to Sports Communication
  • Communication Design
    • JOMC 130: Intro to Design Thinking
    • JOMC 131: Core Modules 1
    • JOMC 132: Core Modules 2
    • JOMC 133: Advanced Modules
    • JOMC 134: Visual Communication Projects

200-Level Required Courses

  • JOMC 20: Professional Development
  • JOUR 200A: Editing & Reporting I
  • SPMC 250: Sports Writing

300-Level Required Courses

    • SPMC 350: Data Literacy and Analytics
9 Elective Credits Required
    • Choose from ADPR, BRDC, JOUR, JOMC, or SPMC

400-Level Required Courses

  • SPMC 464: Sports Media Relations & Promos
  • SPMC 487: Sports, Media & Society
  • JOMC 486: Mass Media Law
  • JOMC 98: Senior Assessment
  • SPMC 450: Sports Media Capstone
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