Rachel Long portrait

Junior Copywriter

Leo Burnett Group

CoJMC ADPR and Broadcasting alum Rachel Long has found her classes from her time at UNL to be important preparation for her post-graduation success.

Currently, Rachel works for Leo Burnett Group as a junior copywriter, where she writes ads for Dunkin`.

“It's been such a rewarding and nourishing atmosphere that I needed to comfortably grow and learn as I've been thrown in the ring to produce real work.”

The class she feels was important to her preparation was Copy & Concept with Patti Harney. In the class students would be given fun project examples and then present their concepts at the end of class.

“My job is literally that class from 9-5 every day. I love it.”

During her time at UNL, Patti Harney was one of Rachel’s biggest writing mentors and helped her with ideas and projects she would come up with.

“She gave me hard, honest feedback on my writing to help me grow, while still shining her pride and praise on me for every big and little accomplishment.”

Recently, Rachel launched a project called Adspire. This project works to connect women who are rising in the ad industry with those who are just entering the industry. Those currently in the ad industry can share their advice and experience, while female students can ask questions and internship opportunities.

Out in the real world, Rachel says it's important to have hope and a sense of humor.

She says students should enroll in CoJMC classes because of the wide opportunities to be creative.

“CoJMC courses give you the most creative freedom of any courses at UNL, so you should reap the full benefits of that and push your imagination to its widest extent.”