Permission Code Request

Permission Code Request

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Permission Codes

Please use the form below to request a permission code for any course in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications, including courses with the following subject codes: ADPR, BRDC, JGEN, JGRD, JOMC, JOUR and SPMC. Please note that a separate request must be submitted for each course students wish to enroll in.

Please be aware that permission codes for  CoJMC courses will not be immediately available to students with majors outside the CoJMC. Our courses prioritize CoJMC students, change of major students, and/or graduating seniors/special circumstances first. Students will need to wait until the end of priority registration to receive a permission code. 

Special Instructions for JOMC 130, JOMC 131 and JOMC 132

Please note the following guidelines when requesting permission codes for enrollment:

  1. JOMC 130 cannot be taken alone: Your options are JOMC 130/JOMC 131 or JOMC 130/JOMC 131/JOMC 132 since they are co-requisites. 
  2. Non-accelerated: Students who wish to enroll in JOMC 130/JOMC 131 only, or JOMC 132 alone, should avoid selecting sections that start with 9XX as these are accelerated. Instead, choose a JOMC 131 or JOMC 132 section that starts with 00X (ex: 001).
  3. Accelerated: Students who want to take all three courses (JOMC 130, 131, and 132 together) in one semester, with JOMC 130/131 in the first 8 weeks and JOMC 132 in the second 8 weeks, must select sections 9XX for both JOMC 131/132. The sections must match, meaning that if a student chooses JOMC 131.951, they must also select JOMC 132.951. Otherwise, they will receive an error message even if a permission code is provided.
    1. Accelerated sections: 951, 952, 953, 954.

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