Paige Dimakos

Lead Digital/Video Host and Social Media Director

Paige grew up with a love for sports, and she knew in 8th grade that it needed to be a part of her career.

She is currently the lead digital/video host and social media director at FanRag Sports Network. Her job is all-encompassing of today's sports media. She oversees a social media team, hosts video content and three podcasts and travels to cover sporting events. One of her most exciting experiences so far was her opportunity to interview Mike Ditka about Gridiron Greats, a foundation that raises funds to support former NFL players financially, medically and emotionally.

Paige didn't go from graduation to interviewing NFL hall-of-famers, though. It took a lot of hard work to get to her current position. While at University of Nebraska–Lincoln, she had six different internships. Her biggest influences were Trina Creighton, Scott Winter and Rick Alloway. She could write an essay on what the CoJMC did for her, but simply put, her experience gave her the confidence to get where she wanted to go. 

"Everything they taught me was useful and helpful in preparing me for where I am today. I still talk to them very frequently."

After college, Paige started out at BreakThrough, a small company in Phoenix. She was then offered a part-time "prove it" job with the ESPN affiliate Arizona Sports. She spent half a year vying for a full-time spot on the staff, eventually becoming the social media director. Additionally, she started her own video series with the Arizona Cardinals, hosted a fantasy football show and had three podcasts. When she felt that it was time to move on, she joined FanRag.

For Paige, the future of sports communication is all about social. She believes it's crucial that you take your social media seriously and use it to make and develop relationships.

"If you aren’t dominating in the social space, you will not survive in this industry."