Sports media elevates Gross’ passion to next level

Monday, May 8, 2023 - 11:00am

Gross on the field of Memorial Stadium. As a first-year sports media and communication major and intern with Husker Athletics, Meg is already garnering hands-on experience covering a variety of Husker sporting events.

Typically, doing class assignments on a Saturday isn’t every student’s vision of an ideal weekend.

For Meg Gross, who recently photographed the Husker football spring game for her sports media and communication major in the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications, there’s no better way to spend a Saturday.

“From the second I came here, this is exactly the sort of work I’ve wanted to be doing,” Gross said. “Getting to take pictures on this scale for something that so many people are watching and attending is really cool.”

Gross grew up in Bellevue, and is an avid sports fan — a passion that blossomed in high school into a habit of bringing her camera to every conceivable sporting event and covering them on social media.

“Any bit of free time I had, I was usually at a game or in the gym taking pictures for any of our teams,” she said.

Realizing that sports media was her calling, the journalism college’s unique program seemed like a natural fit. And, as she wraps up her first year, Gross is feeling more confident than ever in her choice.

“The J-school does a really good job at getting students experience first thing when they come to college,” Gross said. “I’ve gotten tons of experience this year alone taking pictures at games, writing stories, interviewing coaches and players — if I could encapsulate this first year in one word, it would be experience.”

And while her classes for her sports media major offer a variety of creative avenues –– from producing podcasts to traditional broadcasting opportunities –– Gross is also stretching her strengths with her internship in the creative media department with Husker Athletics.

There, Gross assists with photography, content creation and social media management for a host of teams, from live-tweeting gymnastics meets to photographing the softball team.

“I love getting to be hands-on down on the field or the mat and working with athletes,” she said. “It’s been super welcoming –– you come in as a freshman a little nervous to be around all the different athletes, but everyone just wants you to grow and learn, and I really love that.”