Jacht adapts new leadership approach for upcoming semester

Jacht adapts new leadership approach for upcoming semester

Friday, January 12, 2018 - 11:15am
Hailey Krueger will be the Video/Art Director.
Briana Hammerstrom will be a Director of Accounts and Strategy.
Bari Pearlman will be the Director of Digital Media and Internal Communications.
Grace Jablonski will be a Director of Accounts and Strategy.
Hannah Rogers will be the Director of Creative.

Jacht Ad Lab, the student-run advertising agency at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (University of Nebraska–Lincoln), is taking a new approach when it comes to the leadership style for the spring semester.

Previously, Jacht operated by appointing a student CEO to run the agency, along with a group of students to fill the leadership team. These leadership roles varied year to year based on student interests, but included positions like Vice President, CFO and CIO.

This year, Jacht decided to do things differently. The Jacht leadership team for the spring semester consists of five women holding equal roles. Briana Hammerstrom and Grace Jablonski are the Directors of Accounts and Strategy, Bari Pearlman is the Director of Digital Media and Internal Communications, Hannah Rogers is the Director of Creative, and Hailey Krueger is the Video/Art Director.

“Our new structure will maximize the talents of five highly skilled and talented young women,” Amy Struthers, founder and director of Jacht, explained. “This all-female leadership team is a happy coincidence that highlights the opportunities for women now in our industries.”

More than 30 students from various majors and programs in the university were selected to be a part of Jacht for the spring semester.

The spring 2018 crew and their hometowns are:
Aaliyah Griego-Turner, Vidographer - Denver, CO
Adriana Fernadez, Videographer - Hollywood, FL
Alex Lundvall, Videographer - Wallace, NE
Alex Rapp, Account Executive - Omaha, NE
Alexa Horn, Designer - Omaha, NE
Alyssa Parise, Accountant - St. Paul, MN
Andrea Hogsett, Videographer - Lamar, NE
Bari Pearlman, Director of Digital and Internal Communications - Naperville, IL
Briana Hammerstrom, Director of Accounts and Strategy - Sioux Falls, SD
Catherine Brackett, Social Media/PR Strategist - Blair, NE
Davita Dick, Designer - Inman, NE
Grace Jablonski, Director of Accounts and Strategy - Sioux City, IA
Hailey Krueger, Video/Art Director - Denver, CO
Hannah Rogers, Director of Creative - Crystal Lake, IL
Holly Schumacher, Brand Strategist - Crystal Lake, IL
JaLee Pinkington, Account Executive - Scottsbluff, NE
Jazmyn Brown, Social Media/PR Strategist - Bellevue, NE
Jordan Watson, Videographer - Grand Island, NE
Jordan Young, Videographer - Omaha, NE
Josie Settig, Social Media/PR Strategist - Omaha, NE
Julianna Cooper, Designer - Omaha, NE
Kaiti Hill, Copywriter - Omaha, NE
Karina Hernandez - Harvard, NE
Keon Asgarpoor, Videographer - Lincoln, NE
Maddie Stuart, Copywriter - Lincoln, NE
Marcell Walton, Account Executive - Colorado Springs, CO
Meg Slattery, Photographer - Omaha, NE
Megan Carr, Videographer - Omaha, NE
Rachel Kent, Account Executive/Brand Strategist - Omaha, NE
Steven Mah, Copywriter - Omaha, NE
Tanya Garcia, Social Media/PR Strategist - Lakeville, MN
Yanni Arango, Account Executive - Columbus, NE

Jacht is an opportunity for students to get ahead in their careers. As University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s only student-run ad agency, Jacht provides students with an experience that builds on classroom instruction by giving them the opportunity to create campaigns for a variety of real clients across various sectors.