CoJMC Student Awarded Hitchcock Fellowship

Friday, July 19, 2019 - 2:30pm

Chelsea Hampton was awarded the Hitchcock Fellowship to aid in her IMC master’s professional project. Hampton used the funds to attend TravelCon in late June. The experience will assist her in building her professional project involving a blog and podcast focused on travel. 


The Hitchcock Fellowship provides funds for master’s students working on a thesis or professional projects in journalism or mass communications. The fellowship is intended to encourage high quality scholarship and is applied toward furthering a student’s academic work. Hampton was grateful for the opportunity provided by the fellowship to further her project.


“Sometimes, even the greatest ideas may stall without resources, support, and information on how to move forward. For me, the Hitchcock Fellowship has provided just that, and I’m moving forward with building my podcast and website,” said Hampton.


TravelCon, held in Boston this year, covers multiple aspects of travel media including branding, writing, storytelling, photography and industry trends. The conference was inspiration for a variety of ideas for Hampton’s project.  TravelCon also provided networking opportunities Hampton has already utilized for answering questions concerning her professional project.


“This conference has enabled me to meet and hear from many more people who are in the communications/online realm making their dreams a reality, learn from top professionals what works (and what hinders), and hear inspirational stories from people such as Cheryl Strayed, Gloria Atanmo and Gary Arndt,” she said.


Hampton encourages College of Journalism and Mass Communications students to take action on ideas they have because everyone starts without experience but can begin and gain experience by creating content. 


“I do think those of us in CoJMC have a huge advantage with the available resources and knowledgeable faculty and staff,” she said.