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Employers like to hire CoJMC grads because they know you can hit the ground running. Everything you learn in your classes prepares you for that, and an internship or two takes you to a way higher level. We help you learn how to polish up your resume and cover letter, how to create an impressive portfolio of your work and how to get in touch with potential employers.

Every week, you’ll get an email telling you about job and internship openings. Faculty will often nudge you toward a particular opportunity. And each fall you can attend an intern night and get even more advice. Current jobs and internships are also posted through Handshake, LinkedIn, and the CoJMC Newsletter.

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Time to let the world know about it. You will be helping us build the brand of successful, engaged University of Nebraska–Lincoln Students by making your accomplishments a visible part of our college.

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If you want to hire a Husker, we have three easy, convenient and free options:

  1. Log in or create an account at Handshake to submit your openings.
  2. Visit the CoJMC's official LinkedIn page. Add University of Nebraska–Lincoln CoJMC to your network.
  3. Submit a job opening so that we can send out a weekly announcement through the CoJMC email newsletter.

Read our internship policy before submitting an internship.