Checkout Room Rules

College of Journalism & Mass Communications Equipment Checkout Policy



  • Equipment will only be checked out to CoJMC majors or students enrolled in CoJMC classes.

  • Students must wear masks and adhere to social distancing requirements when visiting the checkout room.

  • Presenting an NUID is the preferred way to check out equipment. Knowing your NUID and presenting another a government-issued photo ID will also be accepted.

  • Students must be present, in-person or virtually, to check out equipment. No equipment will be checked out to friends, classmates, etc.New virtual checked out items will be placed in lockers, and locker combinations will be sent.


  • During the first 12 weeks of the regular semester, all checkouts are for 2 business days. During the last 3 weeks of the semester (one week prior to dead week, dead week and finals week), all checkouts are for 1 business day. Equipment is due by 5 p.m. central time on the due date.
Fall 2020
2-day checkout 1-day checkout
Aug. 17-Nov. 6, 2020 Nov. 9 - Nov. 25, 2020 

  • Items should be returned to the equipment return station in the Freedom Forum 1st Floor area. If the equipment return station is not open, students are also permitted to check in equipment at the front office on the first floor (room 133) via a virtual zoom session.
  • Exceptions to checkout duration and return location will only be granted in advance with special permission from CoJMC faculty, with approval by checkout attendant.
  • A $10 dollar per day fine will be charged for all overdue items.

  • Students are responsible for all items checked out. Costs, as determined by the College of Journalism and Mass Communications, for repairing damaged items or replacing lost/stolen items will be charged to the student.

  • Students who owe late fees or charges for repair/replacement will not be allowed to check out equipment until all fees are paid.

  • Fines resulting from late fees or lost/stolen equipment that equal or exceed $100 dollars will result in a hold on your student account.

  • The College of Journalism and Mass Communications reserves the right to place a hold on a student’s account for fines owed to the checkout room in any amount.

Reporting Lost/Stolen equipment
  • Lost/Stolen items must be reported immediately to the checkout room attendant.

  • Students may only recheck out equipment if no one is on the waitlist for the equipment.

  • Re-checkouts will only be allowed in person at the checkout room. Students cannot re-checkout equipment via text or email.

  • If there is a waitlist for the item you are returning, and you wish to re-checkout, you will be placed at the end of the waitlist. Students cannot be placed on the waitlist while they have equipment checked out.

  • If you are on the waitlist you will receive an email notifying you that your item is available. You must text, or email back within 1 hour indicating you still want the item and when you will pick it up. If no communication is received within an hour, the item will go to the next person on the waitlist and you will be removed from the waitlist.

  • You must arrange to pick up equipment within 24 hours of notification. Equipment not retrieved within 24 hours will be put back into regular circulation and you will be removed from the waitlist.

SD Cards
  • Students must provide their own SD memory cards for use with CoJMC equipment. Class 6 or higher is required for our video cameras, (class 10 or better recommended).

  • Student reservations will only be allowed on select items that are new and extremely limited in quantity, known as special circulation items. Student reservations will not be accepted for regular circulation items. 
  • Faculty may reserve special circulation items and regular circulation items, but only for classes or projects where equipment must be utilized during a specified timeframe. For example, a project must be completed during a class period. Items reserved for this purpose will only be checked out for the duration of the activity. One week's notice to the CoJMC Checkout Room Manager is required for these reservations. 


Students are strongly cautioned against leaving checkout room equipment unattended at any time or leaving equipment in their car. Equipment has been stolen from other students and it could happen to you. You are responsible for the replacement cost of the equipment if it is lost or stolen.