Recent faculty accomplishments: September 2021

Monday, September 20, 2021 - 7:30am

Associate professor of advertising and public relations and associate dean for academic programs Adam Wagler was selected to participate in the Big Ten Academic Leadership Program. 

Barney McCoy reflected on his experience as a reporter coving the 9/11 tragedy in New York City on the latest edition of Faculty 101, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln podcast. 

John Shrader was named to the University Conduct Board by the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards. 

Ciera Kirkpatrick had an article, "Effects of Communication Source and Racial Representation in Clinical Trial Recruitment Flyers," published in Health Communication

Chris Graves wrote a follow-up story, "Angela Wagner Pleads Guilty in Rhoden Family Murders," for WVXU in Cincinnati. This story is a follow-up to her April 2021 story, "After Guilty Plea, Jake Wagner Faces Life Without Parole and the Daughter He Killed For."

Kaci Richter produced Senator Ben Nelson's audiobook this past summer in Andersen Hall. The book, Death of the Senate, is now available. 

Kelli Britten was named the lieutenant governor of American Advertising Federation District Nine and will serve on N3AC, the AAF National Advertising Awards Committee.

Valerie Jones appeared on the "Untrained Wisdom" podcast to discuss her research into using smart home devices to reduce loneliness in the elderly.

Jason Stamm had an article, "We Love You, We Hate You: Fan Twitter Response to Top College Football Recruits' Decisions," accepted for publication in the International Journal of Sport Communication.

Shari Veil co-authored a chapter, "Crisis memorials: balancing renewal and resilience," published in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics.

Adam Wagler Headshot
Adam Wagler, associate professor
Barney McCoy Headshot
Barney McCoy, professor
John Shrader Headshot
John Shrader, associate professor
Ciera Kirkpatrick Headshot
Ciera Kirkpatrick, assistant professor
Chris Graves Headshot
Chris Graves, assistant professor
Kaci Richter Headshot
Kaci Richter, assistant professor of practice
Valerie Jones
Valerie Jones, associate professor
Shari Veil Headshot
Shari Veil, professor and dean