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College of Journalism and Mass Communications Independent Study

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An independent study project allows you to explore your passions in an in-depth, semester-long project guided one-on-one by CoJMC faculty.

Students are encouraged to speak with an academic advisor before pursuing an independent study.

Independent Study Process

Step 1: Select a Topic and Faculty Advisor

Identify a topic and a CoJMC faculty member with interest or expertise in the area. Your academic advisor can help you narrow your topic and identify faculty who may be a good fit for your interests. You should contact the faculty member to request their service as your independent study adviser.

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Step 2: Complete the Project Proposal

Working with your faculty advisor, complete the project proposal for your independent study project. You should complete the proposal before moving on to step 3, as you will upload the proposal when completing your contract.

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Step 3: Submit the Contract

After completing your project proposal, submit the independent study contract for approval. A copy of the approved contract will be returned to you and will include the permission code required to enroll in the independent study course.

Complete the Contract

Step 4: Enroll in My Red

Using the permission code included in your approved contract, you must enroll in the independent study course in MyRed.

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