UNL's newest club "The Circle" seeks to foster a sense of community on campus

Tuesday, September 15, 2020 - 2:30pm

by Kaitlin Van Loon

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s newest Recognized Student Organization (RSO) is called The Circle. A group of students in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications (CoJMC) founded the club because they saw the need for raw and real conversations across UNL’s campus. 

The Circle’s advisor is CoJMC Recruiting Coordinator Alex Fernando. 

“This club is focused on providing a welcoming and open environment for students to express their thoughts, views and opinions on various topics they are passionate about,” Fernando said.

Fernando was approached by new CoJMC Dean Shari Veil about launching the club because she had seen its success as club advisor during her previous role at University of Kentucky.

Fernando gathered his team of student ambassadors, who were immediately on board, and things quickly took off from there.

A handful of Fernando’s ambassadors were especially passionate about the club’s values and they’ve taken on leadership roles. Senior Karin Ellefson is The Circle’s president, sophomore CC Cunion is treasurer, and sophomores Maddie Peterson and Regan Vacarro are the club’s lead programmers. 

The Circle meets weekly, to bi-weekly at 7pm in Andersen Hall. Students from all majors, races, genders and backgrounds are encouraged to attend meetings.

Ultimately, The Circle is a place to foster true friendship among students through open-mindedness, communication and kindness in the Husker community.

Stay informed about meetings and opportunities through The Circle’s accounts on Instagram or Twitter, or join their email list here.

The Circle's first meeting outside Andersen Hall