Tobias starts company to help businesses navigate social media

Friday, February 23, 2024 - 3:00pm

by Kaitlin Van Loon

After 12 years of successfully navigating the social media landscape in various fields, alumna Kristin Tobias ('13) founded "Scenda," a social media agency and consulting business, in July 2023.

It all started the year she graduated from college and decided to move to New York City without a full-time job. This leap of faith shaped her professional journey in a number of ways.

"It was the first time that I took that kind of risk," Tobias said. "I just thought ‘I have to do this and I'm going to trust myself to make it work.’”

Despite the initial uncertainty, her NYC move proved to be a catalyst for her growth. She learned the importance of networking, forging connections that would later become instrumental to her founding of Scenda. Through freelancing gigs and seven years leading College Board's social media, Tobias honed her skills in social media marketing, specializing in a field that grew into her passion.

"I learned very quickly that I can reach out for help, I should reach out for help and I should keep in touch with these people that I care about," Tobias explained. "It's not just about trusting myself to make things work; it's also about the network of support that surrounds me."

As Tobias delved deeper into the world of social media, she began to notice a glaring disparity – while large corporations reaped the benefits of robust social media strategies, smaller businesses often struggled to compete in the digital landscape. This realization, inspired by her experiences, fueled her desire to level the playing field and found a social media consultancy that caters to smaller business owners.

"The difference that social media makes for businesses with a lot of resources is undeniable," Tobias said. "But if you're a smaller business that doesn't have all the resources to put behind social media, you don't get to access those benefits as much. I wanted to change that."

Scenda, founded on principles of authenticity and human connection, aims to empower businesses of all sizes to harness the power of social media effectively. Through tailored strategies and a personalized approach, Tobias is working to bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement for her clients.

Kristin Tobias
Kristin Tobias