78 join strategic planning committee, including 21 alumni and industry partners

Monday, December 14, 2020 - 3:15pm

In August 2020, the College of Journalism and Mass Communications launched a year-long strategic planning process to lay the groundwork for the future.

The process will engage a variety of college stakeholders.

“Including our alumni and industry partners in strategic planning is particularly important,” Veil said. “Their voices ensure we protect the college’s legacy while remaining in touch with current industry trends.”

Overall 78 individuals will participate in developing the college’s strategic plan, including 48 faculty and staff, 9 undergraduate and graduate students and 21 alumni and industry partners.

Alumni and industry partners on the strategic planning committee: 

  • Greg Anderson, CEO, Bailey Lauerman 
  • Lyn Wineman, Chief Strategist, KidGlov
  • Adam Kroft, Founder & CEO, rethread 
  • Matt Boyd, Assistant Vice President, University of Nebraska Foundation
  • Deb Fiddelke, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Kellie Wostrel, Senior Vice President, Swanson Russell
  • Tyler Thomas, Senior Director of Integrated Content, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Paula Lavigne, Investigative Reporter, ESPN
  • Chad Davis, Chief Innovation Officer, NET
  • Lauryn Higgins, Freelance Journalist 
  • Mike Reilley, Visiting Professor, University of Illinois Chicago
  • Lyle Denniston, former Supreme Court Reporter, SCOUTSblog
  • LaSharah Bunting, Director of Journalism, Knight Foundation 
  • Chelsea Hampton, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Florida 
  • Kelly Mosier, Director of Hudl Studios, Hudl
  • Sandra Dose, Financial Adviser, Stifel
  • Margaret Holman, President, Holman Consulting
  • Mary Garbacz, Emeriti Professor of Practice, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Steve Jordan, Former Reporter, Omaha World-Herald 
  • Harry Argue, Banking Consultant 
  • Matt Boyd, Assistant Vice President, University of Nebraska Foundation

For more information about strategic planning please visit the strategic planning website