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CoJMC-Sponsored Travel Checklist
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For Students

The College of Journalism and Mass Communications values travel as an important part of the learning experience. The college will seek to offer a variety of CoJMC-sponsored travel opportunities for students. A CoJMC-sponsored travel opportunity is any trip, required or optional, that is funded, organized or led by a CoJMC faculty or staff member. CoJMC-sponsored travel does not include travel associated with a recognized student organization.

The College of Journalism and Mass Communications will fund all learning-related travel expenses incurred as part of trips required by CoJMC courses. Optional sponsored travel opportunities may be funded in whole, in part or not funded. Your professor will provide details on funding available for optional trips.

Please read the information and resources below to ensure class travel is conducted in accordance with UNL policy. This resource is for domestic travel only. International travel must be coordinated through the UNL Office of Education Abroad. Download the checklist above to track progress on travel plans and reimbursements.



Funding for your travel will be arranged by your professor. You should clarify with your professor what expenses related to your trip will be funded by the college. You should obtain the cost object for funding to complete the travel arrangements below designated as “paid directly by the college.” Your professor will provide you with the estimated out-of-pocket expenses you can expect to incur during the trip. You will be reimbursed for funded expenses related to your learning experience after your return.

Student Travel Code of Conduct

All students participating in CoJMC-sponsored trips, must review and sign the Student Travel Code of Conduct prior to departure.

Sign the Code of Conduct

Emergency Preparedness

Your professor will provide you with information on emergency preparedness during the trip. Students should ensure they receive and understand this information prior to departure, including an emergency communications plan.

Travel Arrangements

Paid directly by the college

The following items will be paid directly by the college if they are funded as part of a sponsored trip.


Student airfare that is funded by CoJMC must be purchased through the University’s travel agency, Travel and Transport. Your professor will need to facilitate arrangements for the trip or provide authorization for you to make arrangements directly with Travel and Transport.

Ground Transportation

Students MAY NOT drive their own vehicles on CoJMC class trips. You may reserve University vehicles for transportation by obtaining driver authorization and submitting a car reservation. Authorization and reservations can be completed on the UNL Transportation Services webpage.

Paid by the student, reimbursed by the college

The following items must be paid by the student. If they are funded as part of the trip, the student will be reimbursed by the college after the trip.


Students are responsible for paying their own lodging during travel. You must obtain an itemized receipt (folio) for your stay. If food is included in the lodging receipt an additional itemized receipt of the food purchase is required. If lodging is funded as part of the trip, you will be reimbursed for lodging expenses after you return.


Students are responsible for paying for their own meals during travel. You must obtain itemized receipts for all food. Credit card receipts are not sufficient. If meals are funded, the college will only reimburse up to three meals per day. Alcohol will never be reimbursed. Tips up to 20% will be reimbursed.

Other Items

Students are responsible for any other expenses incurred during travel. Itemized receipts are required for all funded expenses. You only will be reimbursed for approved purchases that are necessary for participation in the learning experience. Personal purchases will not be reimbursed.


Within 10 business days of the last day of the trip, students must submit ALL receipts to be reimbursed to the CoJMC business office. Place receipts in chronological order and complete the Student Travel cover sheet. Deliver the receipts and cover sheet to 147 Andersen Hall. If you undertake multiple trips, you must fill out a new cover sheet for each trip.

Your reimbursement will be processed by the college and applied to your student account.

Student travel cover sheet