Shoun Hill

Shoun Hill

Assistant Professor of Practice


345 Andersen Hall

I’ve been a photographer for more than 15 years, having worked at newspapers in Louisville, K.Y., Minneapolis, Jackson, Tenn., Memphis and Orlando before landing at The Associated Press in New YorkI have worked on numerous long-term projects during that time.

Before starting my newspaper career, I enlisted in the Army. My intention was to get experience and clips in order to find a general reporting job at a newspaper. But Army journalism required not only writing stories, but shooting photographs as well. As much as I liked writing, I realized I enjoyed the freedom and creativity of photography even more.

While in the Army, I won awards for both my writing and photographs. Upon my discharge, I realized I had to choose between the two. Writing came easier to me, but I loved the challenge of photography. As a writer, your work can be edited, which can take your essence out. With a photograph, it can be cropped, but the essence of the photo is still there.

One of my first projects was created in Memphis, were I spent three months documenting the rivalries among schools and top basketball players. It ran as a Sunday A1 centerpiece with a double-truck inside.

In Orlando, two projects stand out. The first was started in 2001, a year before the 30th anniversary of Title IX, the federal law that has helped open more academic and sports opportunities for women and girls. I also photographed a girl on a boys baseball team, females on a high school wrestling team and a girls basketball team that beat boys team.  

The second project involved Iraq War veterans who lost limbs and were learning to use their artificial ones at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. 

I’ve covered the 2001 presidential election in Florida, Harold Ford, Jr. of Tennessee in his first year in Congress, the Super Bowl, NBA playoffs and NCAA basketball games.  

As a way to expand my creative fires, I have shot and edited a documentary film about the plight of African-American farmers that won the Peoples Choice Award at the Denton Black Film Festival, as well as being Award Winner’s in Docs Without Borders Film Festival and The Impact DOCS Awards. 

I’m currently a photo editor on the national photo desk in New York City. I’ve edited national and international news photos for AP. I’ve also shot and edited photos for the travel, fashion and food sections of the AP Lifestyles department.