Professional Project Proposal

Professional Project Proposal

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The professional project (JGRD 992) is a total of 6 hours and generally taken over two semesters (3 in one and 3 in another) towards the end of your program. The project can be thought of like an in-depth report. You’ll decide your topic, create your outline, conduct any research, etc. in that first semester. The second semester will be compiling all your data/stories/info and putting it into your final project for presenting.

The first semester is used to establish your committee made up of three grad faculty with one person serving as chair, write your project proposal and have the proposal approved by your committee.


Professional Project Proposal Form

Before you begin

Develop your professional project proposal
  • Your proposal should include a proposed title, justification, audience, format, budget and/or resources required. 
  • The project proposal is typically 5-10 pages. 
  • Save your proposal as a word or pdf file. You will upload as you complete the Professional Project Proposal Form. 
Determine your committee
A professional project committee consists of three faculty members, one of whom will serve as the committee chair. 
  • Identify your committee chair (must be CoJMC faculty)
  • Identify two other faculty committee members
Review your proposal with your committee chair before completing the Professional Project Proposal Form.  

Review the Routing process

Professional Project Proposal
  • Student: The student will prepare, sign and submit the form. 
  • Committee Chair: The committee chair will review the proposal sign the form. 
  • Committee member: The first committee member will review the proposal and sign the form. 
  • Committee member: The second committee member will review the proposal and sign the form. 
  • Copies: Copies of the completed document will be distributed to the student, the committee chair and members, the graduate chair and the graduate student services coordinator. 
The signature process is automated through DocuSign. All signatures will be requested via email. The emails will come from Haley Hamel. If you need to check on the status of a project form, please contact Haley Hamel. 

Initiate a Professional Project Proposal Form

Professional Project Proposal Form
  • You must complete the form once you begin. Make sure you have read the previous instructions carefully and have all the information necessary to complete the document. 

Initiate a Professional Project Proposal Form