Wang receives grant to support First Amendment Campaign

Sunday, October 3, 2021 - 9:30am

Bryan Wang, an associate professor of advertising and public relations, received a grant from Middle Tennessee State University to support a student-led campaign to advocate for free speech on campus.  

The project will engage advanced advertising and public relations students in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications. Students will conduct primary and secondary research to determine how to effectively communicate about free speech rights to college students. Students will then design and implement an integrated media campaign to increase awareness of free speech rights on campus.  

Wang joined the College of Journalism and Mass Communications faculty in 2012. His teaching specialties include strategic communication, new media and quantitative research methodology. At the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, he teaches courses in public relations, social media and campaign strategy development. 

In addition to teaching and advising, Bryan is also committed to conducting theoretical research that is consequential for not only strategic communication practices but also for democratic citizenship. More specifically, his research program explores strategic communication effects on citizen engagement in the political, social and commercial realms, focusing on two channels of influence: advertising and new media (particularly social and mobile media). 

Grant funding was provided by the Middle Tennessee State University’s Free Speech Center. The Free Speech Center is a nonpartisan, nonprofit public policy center dedicated to building understanding of the five freedoms of the First Amendment through education, information and engagement. It does not participate in litigation or lobbying. 

Bryan Wang headshot
Bryan Wang, associate professor