Student Spotlight: Brooke Lamkins

Tuesday, October 6, 2020 - 10:15am

Grad Year: May 2021
Major: ADPR
Current Internship: Multimedia Strategist at Jacht
Hometown: Apple Valley, MN

Why did you choose to come to Nebraska and specifically the College of Journalism?

My best friend in high school (shoutout to @an_arodriguez) moved to Lincoln from Minnesota, where I'm from. I was so sad she was leaving me for Nebraska of all places (who even lives there?!). Well, thank God she did move to Lincoln because I never would have visited her the summer before my senior year of high school, and I wouldn't be here right now! I fell in love with UNL's campus instantly and knew that I would have an amazing college experience here. Making the decision to go out of state for college at Nebraska was the best decision I ever made. Going into my freshman year of college I didn't know exactly what to do with my life. I was originally an Elementary Education major, but it turns out I can't stand dealing with kids. I neared the end of my freshman year and decided to switch my major to Advertising and Public Relations (ADPR). I didn't know if I was making the right decision or not yet because I didn't know much about advertising. As time went on and I learned more, I figured out that I'm pretty good at this whole ADPR thing. The more classes I took in the J School the more I realized that this was the right path for me.

Who at Nebraska has helped you be successful? Is there a professor who has made a big impact on your education?

My biggest support system is my friends and family—without them, I wouldn't be where I am today. There have also been a few professors that have impacted me for the better during my time at Nebraska. The J school professors are really like no other, they genuinely care about your success and are always pushing for you to get an internship. The J school provides so many amazing opportunities for its students and I am so honored to be apart of such a talented, and diverse college. Kelli Britten was one of my first J school professors when I took JOMC 101. She inspired me to join her on the NYC Tour in the fall of 2018 and that was the best decision I have ever made. She has always been so supportive, for example, when I started my creative Instagram account, she was one of the first people to congratulate me. I also took the course JOMC 20 with Kris Scanlon and I loved that class with her! She is so passionate about helping all her students shape their future the best they can. I feel that even though I have only known her for a short time, that I can go to her to ask any questions or seek her out for advice.

Describe your current job/internship. Are there any other internships you've had throughout your time at CoJMC?

I am currently a Multimedia Strategist at Jacht Agency.  My first internship experience was with Jacht last year as a Social Media Strategist, and it was amazing so I decided to apply again. My normal day at Jacht consists of meeting with social strategists to discuss internal Jacht needs, then usually I will meet up with my client team to discuss deadlines and tasks that need to be completed. Some of my favorite days involve client meetings where the actual client we are working with will come into the Jacht space and meet with us.

I also run the Husker Scarlets Instagram account. I am currently the Social Media Director for the Scarlets and I create the copy for every post. I get to take photos and video at events that I am not scheduled to dance at. I create all of the designs on the photos, and try to use the photo and video I shoot for content.

Are there any organizations you're involved in on or off campus? Any other hobbies?

I am on the Husker Scarlets Dance Team, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, and a yoga sculpt instructor at Lotus here in Lincoln.

Hobbies include shopping (addiction), photography, hammocking in parks, eating sushi, and hanging out with my friends.

Throw out a fun fact or two about you.

I love Filet O Fish with extra tartar from McDonald's!!!!
I have a little sister who is a sophomore here and she's also in the J school. Her majors are Broadcasting and Sports Media and Communication (her name's Jillian).
I have an obsession with wrinkly bulldogs.
My mom is a flight attendant so I can fly anywhere for free as long as I fly standby.

Are you working on any special projects?

I have recently started to explore photography more. I have always had an interest and admiration for photography but now I am finally making time to explore it and learn more. I have recently started photographing my friends for fun to practice. I have also had the opportunity to photograph various dance team related events.

Do you have any post graduation plans? If not don't stress—what would you like to do?

I am moving to New York, NY. I still have a year before I graduate but my dream ever since I was little was to live in NYC. However, my dream of what I am exactly going to do in New York has changed a lot. When I was younger I wanted to be on Broadway as a performer and nowadays I dream of working for an incredible Ad Agency like Weber Shandwick or McCann. My dream job is to work for Google at their New York office. It is my life goal to live in NYC and even if I only live there for 6 months I have to do it.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a professional singer. I had a band and everything, we were called the Devil Divas and we wrote all our own songs and sang them of course. I have now learned that I am terrible at singing and that is why dancing is more my jam. I also wanted to be on Broadway or be a Rockette, and hey that dream is still somewhat alive. Another dream I had was actually being a journalist at the New York Times. I still love to write but I don't know if I want to make a career out of it.

Fill in the blank: "The best thing about being a Husker is ___________________."

Walking into Memorial Stadium on game days. Our football team hasn't been doing so hot the last few years but nothing beats the feeling of walking into a packed stadium of 90,000 on game days!

Advice for a new CoJMC student?

Don't be afraid to ask questions! Professors love to help students in any way they can. Use the resources your professors provide you because they're always useful for things like internship opportunities!

Brooke Lamkins
Brooke Lamkins