Sports media and communication students and faculty to travel to Spain this summer

Friday, February 25, 2022 - 12:00pm

After a few years on hiatus due to the pandemic, students in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications will travel to Spain this summer to learn more about global sports, media and entertainment.

For nearly three weeks CoJMC students will travel throughout Spain participating in a 3-credit class led by sports media and communication associate professor, John Shrader. Shrader is familiar with the trip as he has previously taken students to Spain for similar study abroad trips.

“It’s about the people, the cities and the country as well as the curriculum,” said Shrader.

The students will be visiting different cultural sites throughout Barcelona and Madrid in addition to various media organizations and soccer clubs.

There will be many opportunities for students to connect with global media throughout the trip as a number of guest lecturers and local media professionals are scheduled to speak to the class. Students will be expected to complete a number of projects following the trip, but while in Spain the focus is all on international experience for the students.

“I am excited to study abroad because I want to experience different cultures and this opportunity gives me that chance,” said sophomore advertising and public relations major Valeria Uribe. “I think this trip will help open my eyes to different aspects within the industry of Journalism and Mass Communications. I'm looking forward to meeting new people within the class and in Spain.”

Assistant professor of sports media and communication Brian Petrotta will also be on the trip.

"I am so excited that my first trip to Spain will be with a group of UNL students, I believe this will be an experience they look back on in 20 or 30 years and tell people it was the highlight of their college careers,” said Petrotta.

Through the study abroad experience, students will see the sports entertainment business through an international lens and be able to compare that to the fan experience in the United States.

Faculty and students will leave for the global sports, media and entertainment trip on May 15, 2022 and return June 3, 2022.

study abroad photo