Scholarship Spotlight: Matousek

Tuesday, November 15, 2022 - 12:00pm

Mark Matousek is a ‘77 College of Journalism and Mass Communications graduate. He and his wife Chris established two funds with the Nebraska Foundation that support experiential learning— the Matousek Family Scholarship Fund and the Matousek Family Student Experience Fund.

The Matousek family are long time supporters of the College of Journalism and Mass Communications. In one of the early renovations of Andersen Hall, they supported the college by donating additional funds separate from their scholarship so that the building could have new furniture.

Mark knows that in order to bring in the best students, the college needs to be impressive and that means having up-to-date facilities and state-of-the-art equipment. He also believes that when students graduate from the college, they should have acquired timeless communication skills. So whether it’s a headline, an email subject line, a social media post or a piece of copy– students need to be able to develop the mechanics needed to write clear communications.

Mark specialized in making communications stand out with thorough and well-executed planning. He found his passion for communications while attending school at CoJMC and it’s his hope that students will discover that same passion for the craft.

Current students are learning in an environment that’s so different from when Mark was in school—it’s fast-paced and often incites a “knee jerk” reaction over thought out communication planning.

“It seems that the metrics of success are based on ‘likes’, ‘clicks’, etc.,” Mark said. “But the real measures remain the battle for awareness, understanding and ultimately desired action.”