Rabble Media Club gives high school students college-level experiences

Monday, November 21, 2022 - 8:45am

The College of Journalism and Mass Communications has partnered with Bay High and the Cooper Foundation to host an after school program. Rabble Media Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday and had its first meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 25.

College of Journalism and Mass Communications assistant director of recruitment, Alex Fernando and associate professor of practice Alan Eno developed the club’s curriculum. They run the after school sessions with the help of CoJMC advertising and public relations student, Mai Vu, Rabble Mill’s youth development coordinator Audrey Hertel and their marketing and visuals director Django Greenblack-Seay.

Co-executive director and co-founder of Rabble Mill Andrew Norman is grateful the Cooper Foundation saw an opportunity to help make sure the program succeeds by solidifying the connection between Bay High and the CoJMC and providing the funding to make sure it happened.

“This club is dedicated to giving high school students some of the same opportunities that UNL J school students get,” Norman said. “We want them to have the opportunity to learn how to shoot, capture and document top stories that they care about.”

Bay High students are already half way through the 8 week-long program. So far, Rabble Media Club students have learned how to shoot portrait and candid photography, developed video editing and audio engineering skills, practiced graphic design and brainstormed ways to further develop the Rabble Media brand.

For the rest of the semester students will learn how to shoot b-roll and interviews then how to edit and post their b-roll and interview pieces.

“It’s been awesome to see the students working together and the content they’re creating,” Fernando said. “We still have a lot of fun and exciting projects left—I hope they’ve been able to get a taste of what CoJMC has to offer and that they’ll consider us in their future with media.”

Rabble Media Club students and Alan Eno
Rabble Media Club students with Alan Eno