Omaha World-Herald Fellows get a taste of the real world

Monday, December 14, 2020 - 11:00am

Founded in 2008, the Omaha World-Herald Fellows program provides emerging journalists with the chance to learn from working journalists and apply for a coveted fellowship with the organization. 

"The college is proud of this outstanding industry partnership with Nebraska's largest newspaper," said Shari Veil, dean of the College of Journalism and Mass Communications. "The OWH Fellows program ensures our students learn from alumni and professionals working in the industry." 

The OWH fellowship program offers an initial course in the college called The Real World. Students enroll in the course and attend weekly discussions with reporters and editors from the World-Herald newsroom. After completing the Real World, students are eligible to apply to become an OWH Fellow. Fellows work as up-and-coming journalists in the OWH Lincoln Bureau Office for a semester. Additionally, fellows earn three credit hours toward the completion of their college degree by enrolling in a second course, the Real World II. 

Participation in these courses is free for students. An endowment established by the OWH covers the cost of tuition for all students who enroll in the courses and funds a $2,500 stipend for students who complete the fellowship.

Being selected as an OWH fellow is a prestigious honor for young journalists looking to advance their careers. 

"It meant the world to be selected as a news fellow," said Nick McConnell, fall 2020 OWH Fellow. "It was great working at the biggest paper in my home state, and I learned so much." 

Here are the 2020 Omaha World-Herald Fellows: 

  • Will Bauer, senior, broadcasting, journalism, and sports media and communication major 
  • Nick McConnel, junior, broadcasting and journalism major 
  • Kenneth Ferriera, senior, journalism major 
  • Natalie Saenz, senior, broadcasting and journalism major
  • Mia Azizah, senior, advertising and public relations and journalism major

"Not only does the OWH fellows program ensure our students learn from industry professions, but it creates a pipeline of journalists for the Omaha World-Herald, ensuring robust news coverage in the state," Veil said. 

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