By the Numbers: Student Credit Hour Production 2021-2022

Monday, May 16, 2022 - 9:00am

Student Credit Hours by Instructor College of Record is one of the largest levers in the new university budget model. 75% of undergraduate tuition revenue is allocated to the colleges based on this metric. The course does not have to be taught in the college. If the course is taught in another unit, but if CoJMC is the instructor’s college of record, the tuition revenue is allocated to the college. 

Student credit hours for academic year 2021-2022 will not be finalized until after the summer census, but now that summer enrollment is complete, we can begin to see trends for this year. 
All data is student credit hours by instructor college of record for the previous three years. Projected summer 2022 SCH, drawn from current summer enrollment, has been included in AY 2021-2022 totals. 

Overall Student Credit Hour Production 

It is projected that student credit hours will total 21844 for AY 21-22, a decline of 6.6% since last year. 


Proportion of SCH 

In 2020-2021, the college produced 3.82% of all student credit hours produced by UNL colleges. Our proportion for 2021-2022 is projected to decline slightly to 3.68% of the total student credit hour production. 


Career Level 

Undergraduate SCH declined by 7.6% from 22762 in 20-21 to 21031 in 21-22, while graduate SCH increased by 44% from 563 in 20-21 to 813 in 21-22. 


Course Level 

In the undergraduate program, the most significant decrease was in 200-level courses, with a loss of 975 credit hours, a 14.4% decline. 400 level courses also saw a substantial decline, losing 674 SCH, a 12.1% decline and 100 level courses lost 399 SCH a 5.1% decline. Both 800 and 900 level courses saw increases. 800 level courses increased by 221 credit hours, a 58.2% increase. 900 level courses increase by 29 or 15.8%. 



Journalism and Mass Communications core courses (JOMC) saw the largest decline, a loss of 934 credit hours (10.6%) this year. Advertising and public relations also saw a sizable decline, losing 657 credit hours (9.2%.). Broadcasting, Journalism and JGRD courses saw increases over 2020-2021.