By the Numbers: Space Utilization

Monday, May 30, 2022 - 9:00am

The College of Journalism and Mass Communications has 39,238 square feet of dedicated space across two buildings: Andersen Hall (29,774 square feet) and the Lincoln Children’s Museum (9,464 square feet). 



Over 87% of our facilities are directly dedicated to supporting our students, faculty and staff, while the remaining 12% serve to provide support functions such as our lobby, storage, maintenance, conference room and staff lounge. 


Experience Lab 
The Experience Lab accounts for 24.22% of our overall square footage (9,502 square feet) broken out into four spaces, including the Agency, the new Don and Lorena Meier Television Studio, the Unlimited Sports Lab and KRNU. 


An additional 9,017 square feet is dedicated classroom space, including the new Perry Multimedia Classroom in Lincoln Children’s Museum. 


Office Space 
More than 23% of our space, 9407 square feet, is dedicated to faculty and staff office space. 
Student Resources 
Another significant user of space of the college’s student resources, accounting for 17.8% (6,985 square feet). Our student resources include our student lounge spaces – the basement student lounge, the Freedom Forum and the Bailey Lauerman Commons - the Basement Lab, the 3rd-floor television studio, the audio studios, the checkout room, the graduate assistant office, the new Perry photo studio and the podcast studio.