By the Numbers: Enrollment continues to rebound with NSE

Monday, July 4, 2022 - 8:45am

Our recruitment for the fall 2022 semester continues with New Student Enrollment. We picked up a few additional applications and enrollment deposits following the May 1 enrollment deposit deadline. Our advisers have also been working hard to connect with each of our incoming students and set them up for success in the fall. As of July 1, 157 incoming freshmen have registered for an advising appointment as part of NSE, compared with 122 at the same time last year, which is an increase of 28.6%. 


While the college's numbers are up, numbers on campus appear to be down. Data is not available for the number of advising appointments scheduled campus-wide at this point last year. However, the number of advising appointments completed is available.  
As of July 1, 2022, 3,033 NSE advising appointments were completed across campus a decrease of 11.8% over the 3,441 appointments completed by July 1, 2021. 

Transfer students are also up 

The number of transfer students enrolling in the college beginning in fall 2022 has also increased. To date, 22 transfer students have completed NSE for the fall semester, which is an increase of 83% over fall 2021 when only 12 transfer students had completed NSE. 


Feeder Transfer College 

Feeder transfer colleges are those from which the highest total number of students have transferred into CoJMC over the past four years. 

  • Southeast Community (10) 

  • Metro Community (7) 

  • Northeast Community (5) 

  • Wayne State (2) 

  • Mid-Plains Community (2) 

  • DuPage (2) 

  • Concordia (2) 

  • DuPaul (2) 

  • South Dakota State (2) 

  • UNK (2) 

  • Central Community (2) 

  • Norwest Arkansas Community (2)