Hands-on opportunities in sports broadcasting led Peyton Thomas to Nebraska

Thursday, October 6, 2022 - 11:15am

Throughout his college career, senior Peyton Thomas has dived head-first into opportunities on campus—from broadcasting on national television to leading multiple student groups.

When he was a high schooler in Seattle, his cousin—a Nebraska student—showed him the College of Journalism and Mass Communications and the unique, hands-on projects he was working on, something Thomas hadn’t seen at other universities. Now a senior, he’s gearing up to finish college with a resume packed with real-world experience and three degrees: sports media & communication, broadcasting and journalism.

And that real-world experience has been one of Thomas' favorite parts of studying at Nebraska.

“Getting experience outside the classroom is everything," Thomas said. "Classes lay the groundwork, but everyone gets that groundwork. It's what you do outside the classroom separates you from the others.”

In three years, Thomas has had the opportunity to work in broadcasting for @huskerfbnation and serve in several leadership positions including director of KRNU Sports, chair of the first Student Editorial Board at CoJMC and student lead for the Experience Lab.

At the same time, he has worked for the Big Ten Network’s Student U Program, an opportunity for up-and-coming college broadcasters to do highlights for soccer, volleyball, softball and other sports.

“BTN has added to Nebraska’s reputation of having some of the best student-run broadcasts, and not only do we get paid for those opportunities, we get high-quality content to add to our broadcast reels," Thomas said. "My reel is an extension of my resume that I send everywhere I apply.”

Immersing himself in leadership and involvement opportunities shaped Thomas' college career. Looking forward, he's got a razor-sharp focus on his career and is excited to apply his Nebraska knowledge wherever his degree takes him.

“I’m working to get my name out there," Thomas said. "I’m keeping an open mind and after graduating I’m packing up my car and driving wherever I need to go.”

Peyton Thomas