Grad Program: Graduate Student Assembly

Saturday, October 9, 2021 - 9:15am

As a unique population with roles as students, teachers, researchers, and/or staff, graduate students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln require a special representative body that is tailored to their needs. The Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) will exercise the student governance of affairs solely involving graduate students at the University, as well as collaborate with the ASUN Senate, officers, and committees on issues affecting the entirety of the University’s student body.

It is important for each graduate program at the University to have a voice in GSA, because it allows everyone to be able to address matters pertaining to graduate students as they occur. Departments or programs that maintain GSA representation are also eligible for GSA’s Graduate Travel Awards Program (GTAP) and the Special Projects Grants Program (SPGP). The GTAP is a competitive program allowing the selected graduate students to be awarded some funding for travel to events such as conferences, while the SPGP grants GSA funds to help pay for events or activities benefiting graduate students at the University.  

Each academic year the GSA requires the various departments/graduate programs to provide graduate student representatives to participate in our meetings and committees. Our CoJMC GSA representative for 2021-2022 is Chandra Traxler.