Grad Profile: Courtney Van Hoosen Makhmudzoda

Friday, August 13, 2021 - 10:00am

Courtney Van Hoosen Makhmudzoda


Omaha, NE

Student Type


College at the University

College of Journalism and Mass Communications

Major at the University

Integrated Media Communications


Public Relations and Social Media

Answer this question in a few words to a few sentences: What does graduating from Nebraska mean to you?

Graduating from Nebraska means taking the next step forward in my professional career. I’m so proud to be a two-time Husker alumna and the first in my family to earn a graduate degree.

As you think about graduating from Nebraska, please share any transformational moment(s) — a class you took, a professor with whom you had a strong connection, a way you got involved on campus, an internship or experience you had off campus. How did it help shape who you are or what you will do going forward? 

One of the most impactful moments during my graduate program was applying the skills I learned in my coursework directly to my professional work to help write UNL’s first institutional global strategy, “Forward Together.” It wasn’t always easy earning my master’s degree while working as a full-time UNL employee, but the practical approach taken for the Integrated Media Communications coursework allowed me to further hone my skills and apply new ones immediately to my position in the Office of Global Strategies. No matter what I do next, my graduate degree helped prepare me to collaborate on the Global Strategy, which will always be part of my legacy at UNL.

Plans (job, continuing education, internship, etc) after graduation. Include which city/state you will be living in. 

I plan to continue telling the #GlobalNebraska story across the university, the state and the world from my current position in UNL’s Office of Global Strategies.

Fill in the blank: "After graduation, I am most looking forward to _______________."

After graduation, I am most looking forward to not having any homework to do for a while!

Fill in the blank: "The best thing about being a Husker is ___________________."

The best thing about being a Husker is all of the opportunities that open up when you didn’t even know they existed, the genuine care faculty have for students and giving them hands-on experience, and the global Husker family who come from all over the world.

Write a "thank you message" to someone who helped you throughout your time as a Husker.

Thank you to all of the professors I’ve had along the way, in the College of Journalism and beyond, who were there to answer my questions and ensure I finished my courses with new practical skills – especially Jemalyn Griffin and Tyler Thomas! Thank you as well to my husband Nurik and family who supported the long nights while I was also working full-time.

Courtney Van Hoosen Makhmudzoda