Five faculty earn grants from the Center for Transformative Teaching

Sunday, June 13, 2021 - 7:00am

Five faculty from the College of Journalism and Mass Communications earned grants from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Center for Transformative Teaching on May 27, 2021.

Assistant Professor Jessica Fargen Walsh, Lecturer Madeline Wiseman and Professor of Practice Matt Waite received Pedagogic Intervention Grants. Pedagogic Intervention grants support faculty in exploring learning experiences that promote more experiential, interdisciplinary, or active approaches, whether teaching face-to-face, hybrid, or online courses.

Walsh’s project, “Language Choices in the Media: Editing and writing for inclusion and equity,” will produce videos on gender pronouns and language, writing about race and editing for passive voice and ableist language. Wiseman’s project, “Equity in the Field: Interviews with Tech Comm Pros,” will conduct interviews with industry professionals about the importance of communication skills in the real world. Finally, Waite’s project, “From Static to Active: Using Interactivity To Teach Data Analysis and Visualization to Communicators,” will pilot an interactive digital textbook to facilitate student learning in data analysis and visualization.

Associate Professor Valerie Jones received an Incubation Fund Grant. Incubation Fund grants support any teaching activity designed with a view toward creating Scholarship of Teaching and Learning publications, conference presentations, or an external pedagogy-related grant application. Her project, “Privacy vs. Convenience: How Much Are We Willing to Give to the Internet?” will enhance a workshop on data rights and safety.

Assistant Professor of Practice Katie Krcmarik received a Student-Faculty Collaboration Grant. Student-faculty collaboration grants support the creation of inclusive, innovative, and/or interdisciplinary pedagogy and course design. Her project, “Co-Creating Curriculum Change: Using Student Centered Design to Increase Student Success Rates for Underrepresented Populations,” will conduct focus groups to better understand and address equity gaps in the college’s communication design program.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Center for Transformative Teaching provides leadership and support for the enrichment of teaching and learning by focusing on evidence-based pedagogy, best practices, and the appropriate integration of learning technology in online, blended, and face-to-face classrooms.

Jessica Walsh Headshot
Jessica Fargen Walsh, assistant professor
Matt Waite Headshot
Matt Waite, professor of practice
Valerie Jones Headshot
Valerie Jones, associate professor
Katie Krcmarik Headshot
Katie Krcmarik, assistant professor of practice