Bailey Lauerman establishes diversity and creativity scholarship

Monday, December 14, 2020 - 10:15am

Bailey Lauerman, an integrated marketing, design, public relations, social, digital, and production agency in Nebraska, is funding a new scholarship for students in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications. The Bailey Lauerman Fund for Student Opportunity was created to support students who advance diversity and cultivate a rich campus environment at the University of Nebraska. 

Ideal recipients will be junior or senior advertising and public relations majors who participate in activities and organizations that promote and celebrate diversity and plan to pursue a career in advertising or public relations following graduation.

Bailey Lauerman started the scholarship to foster diversity in the advertising and public relations industry in Nebraska. 

“We had considered putting forward a scholarship opportunity for some time and felt like now was the right time to move forward,” said Greg Andersen, CEO of Bailey Lauerman. “We want to help cultivate diversity in Nebraska and ensure it finds roots through student success.”

The fund builds upon Bailey Lauerman’s long standing relationship with the college. Many Bailey Lauerman employees are alumni who donate to the college through funds like the National Student Advertising Competition fund, which supports students participating in the American Advertising Federation competition.

A student-gathering space in Andersen Hall, the Bailey Lauerman Commons, was named in honor of the company when Andersen Hall was renovated in 2001. Last year, the company helped update the space to create an inviting atmosphere for students to study and work together on projects. The spaces’ theme focuses on celebrating the college and company's Midwest location. The theme grew out of a focus at the company on dispelling the flyover myth and proving that big things happen outside of America’s 10 largest cities.

The alumni employed at Bailey Lauerman often return to the CoJMC as guest speakers in courses and club meetings. Andersen is one of these alumni and remembers being appreciative each time he saw a company reach out to help CoJMC students back when he was getting his undergrad in advertising and public relations.

“We feel like supporting students is a fundamental obligation, and that it’s something everyone should do if they’re in a position to do it,” Andersen said. “We would encourage other area companies to do the same because we’re all part of a region that thrives on student success.”

The first Bailey Lauerman Fund for Student Opportunity scholarships will be awarded in the spring of 2021. Students can apply in MyRed before the Feb. 1 scholarship deadline.