Arnot establishes Look East Fund for Student Opportunity

Wednesday, November 15, 2023 - 10:30am

College of Journalism and Mass Communications alum Charlie Arnot ('86) recently established the Look East Fund for Student Opportunity. Arnot is the founder and CEO of Look East PR and Communications Agency. 

Students with junior class standing pursuing an advertising and public relations major and participating in activities or organizations that promote and celebrate diversity will be eligible for the scholarship. 

"I want to provide opportunities to those who may not have had as many opportunities as I have had," Arnot said. "I want to make sure that talented and ambitious students can make a difference in the world, and I'm confident the CoJMC is a place where they can maximize their potential."  

While Arnot comes from a racially diverse family, he also draws attention to the various advantages he encountered while building his career. Arnot also recognizes that it's difficult for some generations to give up their advantages and that cultural transformation takes time. He believes engaging students in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives will make everyone more successful.

"The college's 'do from day one' mentality keeps students engaged, gives them an appetite for greater risk-taking and instills in them a level of confidence that helps them believe they can be successful."

Arnot has more than 30 years of experience working in communications, public relations and issues management and also serves as CEO of the Center for Food Integrity, an international non-profit organization dedicated to building consumer trust and confidence in today's food system. Clients and food and farm industry leaders seek his unique expertise in applying the peer reviewed trust model developed to help them build trust in their processes and products.

"Charlie has built a successful career putting values at the heart of communication and action," said Shari Veil, Dean of the College of Journalism and Mass Communications. "He is an incredible leader and a role model for our students. This scholarship will encourage and support future industry leaders." 

When asked how scholarship awardees can uphold Look East's values, Arnot replied that it's more important to him that students follow their path and find their passion. 

"I want this fund to help students identify where their passion rests before they enter the workforce," Arnot said.

The Look East Fund for Student Opportunity was established at the University of Nebraska Foundation to benefit and support the College of Journalism and Mass Communications. For information on giving to the college, contact Director of Development Jeremy Lohrman at or 402-458-1177.

Charlie Arnot and Jana Langemach