Karez Hassan

Karez Hassan, M.A.

Academic Adviser

103 Andersen Hall
Karez holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Educational Administration Student Affairs from UNL. She gained experience in career advising at UNL Career Services where she served as a Graduate Assistant providing individual career advising to current students and alums (including major exploration and career assessment). She obtained academic advising experience as an Academic Advisor Intern with the College of Engineering and a full-time Academic Advisor with the College of Architecture.

She LOVES her job! She enjoys meeting, guiding, and connecting with students to opportunities and resources that are meaningful, so they have a positive holistic experience during their time at UNL.

Her advice to students is to ask lots of questions to your advisors and professors, get out of your comfort zone, build connections on campus through student organizations, and most of all, be yourself!

In her free time, Karez enjoys spending time with her family, friends, volunteering, reading, cooking, and baking.