Alan Eno , M.A.

Assistant Professor of Practice,
Website Administrator


Alan Eno teaches Communication Design and multimedia classes and is the administrator of the CoJMC website.

He graduated from Andrews University in 2000, holds a Masters of Journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and is currently a doctoral student in the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Instructional Design program. During his Masters graduate study, Alan participated in the first Native Daughters depth report project.

Alan has worked as a multimedia producer and graphic designer. After earning his undergraduate degree in digital media technology, he worked in Washington state, producing multimedia for It Is Written Television. He then moved to Lincoln and worked in the print design field, creating PR and fundraising packages at Christian Record Services for the Blind. Alan currently volunteers as a camera operator for the College View Church in Lincoln.

In his spare time, Alan enjoys softball, motorcycles, backpacking, and camping with his family. Alan's wife, Debbie, teaches nursing, and they have two children, Elettra and Devin.