Trina Creighton, M.S.

Associate Professor


Trina Creighton is a broadcast journalist turned college professor.  She brings years of experience as a television news anchor/reporter/producer, radio announcer and news director.  She began her broadcast career at one of the first black-owned and operated community radio stations in the country, KBBG Radio in Waterloo, Iowa.  Creighton went on to work at KRNT Radio, WHO-Radio, then WHO-television in Des Moines, Iowa.  When her family moved to Omaha, Nebraska, she joined KMTV as an anchor/reporter, producer.  Then in 2001, Creighton came to the College of Journalism and Mass Communications to teach broadcasting courses.

At the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Creighton has taught courses in broadcast management, videography, broadcast writing and broadcast performance as well as the class that produces Star City News, the college’s twice-weekly live news broadcast.

In 2019, Creighton was asked to take on a leadership role as part of UNL’s N150 initiatives.  The university also named her one of six Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Fellows.  That’s when she began to pursue her new emphasis, working on diversity issues.  She works on a variety of university committees focused on improving the racial climate. The College of Journalism and Mass Communications faculty has voted her to chair its Diversity and Inclusion Committee consecutive years. 

While Creighton continues to teach broadcast performance classes, her main focus is teaching the college’s lecture hall course with 200-250 students a semester, Social Justice, Human Rights and the Media, along with Race, Gender and the Media. 

As part of her thesis for the Master of Science in Leadership Development, Creighton produced a half-hour video documentary called “The Academic Achievement Gap: We Do Better When We Know Better.” The documentary helped to illustrate the theme of her research: barriers holding back black adolescent males from higher education. She has shown the documentary at more than 100 venues. 

Creighton has a son, Braumon Creighton, who is a coach and educator/businessman in the San Francisco area, and a daughter, Rielle Creighton, who is an anchor/reporter in the Washington DC area. She also has many former students working in the broadcast journalism business across the nation.

Curriculum vitae available upon request.