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Tips and FAQ

CoJMC Requirements

  1. What are the entrance requirements for the College of Journalism and Mass Communications?
    A student must have a 2.0 GPA
  2. What ACE requirements does the CoJMC require?
    All CoJMC students must complete TWO sets of ACE requirements and LIBR 110.


  1. Will Spanish 2120 from Metro Community College meet the language requirement for CoJMC?
    See the Transfer Equivalency tables.
    There, you can look up courses from other schools to see if they have a direct equivalency to a University of Nebraska–Lincoln course. If you see a number from the other school and it corresponds to a University of Nebraska–Lincoln number, that means the transfer course counts exactly as if you had taken the University of Nebraska–Lincoln course.
  2. I noticed that for the Jour 491 classes, their credit hours vary from between 1 to 4 at sign-up. Is it possible to take a 4 credit-hour version of the class (specifically either developing new media or public affairs reporting)? If so, that would solve my missing upper-level credit hour problem. Would I speak with the professor about that directly?
    Discuss with the instructor what you might do to earn one extra hour of credit.

Foreign Language Requirement

  1. What is the foreign language requirement for graduation?
    • Regular four-semester sequence: 101, 102, 201, and 202 (5, 5, 3, 3 hours for a total of 16)
    • Three-semester sequence: 101, 102, and 210 (5, 5, 6 hours for a total of 16)
    • 101, 102 fall and spring semesters; 201, 202 summer sessions (5, 5, 3, 3 hours for a total of 16). This and the option below constitute the only possibilities to finish the complete requirement in one year.
    • (For Spanish) 101, 102 at University of Nebraska–Lincoln; 201, 202 at Monterrey Summer Institute (6 hours). (5, 5, 6 hours for a total of 16.) One six-week summer session (1st summer session). See modern languages non-majors advisor for information and application.
    • Lastly, students who have completed at least two years of one foreign language in high school may satisfy the college’s foreign language requirement by completing 101 and 102 in a different foreign language.
  2. Can I take sign language for the foreign language requirement?
    No. CoJMC faculty have not accepted sign language for the foreign language requirement because it lacks the literature and the grammar found in regular foreign language programs.
  3. I have all the hours complete for a Spanish concentration, but what are the requirements for a Spanish minor?
    The 12 hours of the Spanish concentration typically include Span 203, 204 and six hours of 300-level courses. Details on the Spanish minor can be found in the Arts and Sciences section of the Undergraduate Bulletin. Please consult the undergraduate bulletin under your bulletin year to review the specific requirements for the Spanish minor.
  4. Can I take my Spanish classes P/N?
    Yes, you can take anything P/N up to a maximum of 24 hours, unless the home department prohibits the P/N option. Courses in your CoJMC major are grade only, unless P/N is specifically indicated in the Undergraduate Bulletin, and University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Economics department prohibits the P/N option. In some other majors and minors there are limits to how many hours P/N may be allowed. If you’re completing an English minor, for example, see the rules for the English major and minor in the Arts and Sciences section of the Undergraduate Bulletin. (There, the bulletin notes, “A student may apply up to 6 hours of Pass/No Pass credit toward a major in English without securing permission; and a student may apply up to 6 hours of Pass/No Pass credit toward a minor in English.”)


  1. I got a C in journalism 487. Is that a good enough grade for me as an advertising student?
    No grade below C counts in a major, minor or concentration. Other general-education requirements may be completed with a passing grade lower than C. All students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 for graduation.
  2. How low of a letter grade is acceptable within the major?
    Students must receive a grade of C or higher within the major.
  3. How many Pass/No Pass courses may I take?
    The college will accept up to 24 hours of Pass/No Pass courses toward a bachelor of journalism degree, subject to the following limits.
  4. How do I drop a course?
    Students can drop courses on MyRED. Students should consult advisor before dropping a course.
  5. My overall GPA is above 2.0, so why did I get a letter saying I’m on academic probation?
    The two GPA's, one 1.924 and the other, 2.306, are semester and cumulative respectively.


  1. I filled out a form that looks like this to declare a second major in Art, but it has not shown up in MyRED. Why not?
    In order to declare a 2nd major OUTSIDE the college, you have two options: DUAL MATRICULATION or the InterCollege Studies form.

    CDMA form screen grab

    The CDMA form (above) that you used is only for adding a second major that is in the SAME college as your primary major. So, if you’re a Broadcasting major, you could use that form to add Advertising and Public Relations or Journalism as a second major.

    To add a major outside the college, the ICS plan allows you to complete both majors as a four-year program. Then you receive one degree from this college, but both majors are recorded on your transcript.

    Students who actually want the second degree complete the Dual Matriculation form. They are then locked into a fifth year (155 total hours) and graduate with two separate degrees.
  2. What are the majors in the college?
    The College has three majors: Advertising and Public Relations, Broadcasting, and Journalism. Please set a meeting with an advisor to find out more about each major.
  3. How do I change my major?
    You will need to fill out a CDMA form: College-Degree-Major-Advisor Change Form.
  4. I want to double major with something in Arts & Sciences and JMC what do I do?
    You will need to make an appointment with your advisor and you will fill out an Inter-College Studies Form.


  1. What type of math courses do I need to graduate?
    We suggest our students complete Math 203 or Math 203J AND Statistics.
  2. What's the difference between Math 203 and Math 203J?
    The 203J section has you work with problems that relate to Journalism: the kinds of problems journalists actually use math to solve.

Minors and Concentrations

  1. If I have a second major, is it true that I only need to complete one 12-hour concentration?
    If the second major is OUTSIDE CoJMC, it will take the place of two 12-hour concentrations.
    A second major inside CoJMC (like Journalism + Advertising and Public Relations) would NOT take the place of any concentrations. OUTSIDE the college is the operative phrase.
  2. What is the difference between a minor and a concentration? Do people look at minors and concentrations differently?
    Concentrations are 12 hours from the same department, with no more than six of those hours at the 100 level. Minors are specified by the home department. Some minors are 12 hours, but some are 18. A few are 15 hours.

    Most people probably won’t care whether you completed minors or concentrations. The main difference is that minors are recorded on your transcript, if that matters to you. Concentrations are not recorded on transcripts.
  3. Is it possible to minor in ADPR, Journalism, or Broadcasting?
    The CoJMC does not offer a minor, however, set up a meeting with an advisor to find out how you can DOUBLE major.
  4. Is it required to have a minor or concentration to graduate? What is the difference between the two? How do I add a minor?
    Stop into your advisor’s office and fill out a CDMA form.


  1. When I go to MyRed and try to register for a class, it tells me that no classes matching that criteria can be found.
    By default, MyRED only shows courses with space available. There is an option to show full courses, but you will not be able to register for those courses. You'll have to contact the instructor to request an override into the class.Special Topics screen grabMyRED screen grab

CoJMC Laptop Policy

All students in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications are required to lease, purchase, or have ready access to a laptop computer that meets or exceeds the specifications listed below. Students can choose between the Windows or Mac platform.


CPU: Intel i5 minimum, Intel i7 quad core 2.5 GHz processor (or faster) recommended
Display: 15" Full-HD recommended
RAM: 8 GB minimum (16 recommended)
Disk Storage: 500 GB minimum (SSD recommended)
Video Card: AMD or Nvidia graphics (Required)
OS: Windows 10 - professional 


CPU: Intel i5 minimum, Intel i7 quad core 2.5 GHz processor (or faster) recommended
Display: 15" Retina recommended
RAM: 8 GB minimum (16 recommended)
Disk Storage: 500 GB minimum (SSD recommended)
Video Card: AMD or Nvidia graphics (Required)
OS: MacOS 10.12 or higher

Software students must install:

Recommended additions:

  • A 3-year extended warranty
  • External drive (1TB  or larger) for backups.
  • Microsoft Office -- available at a steep discount at the UNL Computer store.


You may be able to finance your computer or software purchase through financial aid. To determine your eligibility please contact the UNL Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid:

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Scholarships & Financial Aid
17 Canfield Administration Building
Lincoln, NE 68588-0411
(800) 742-8800 ext. 2030

If you cannot afford to purchase a laptop computer, please contact your CoJMC advisor to discuss alternative options.

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Transfer and Freshman Tips

Course Requirements

  • Math: Contemporary math and statistics are recommended. College Algebra will not be accepted.
  • Science: All students need one science course with a lab and one without a lab.
  • Language: If a student took less than 4 years of a world language in high school he/she must take up to the 202 level of the same language or 101 and 102 of a different language. Language options: Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Czech, Japanese, Chinese

General Tips

  • Vocational credits will not be accepted towards the 120 hours needed for graduation.
  • University of Nebraska–Lincoln only allows students to transfer in 60 hours that will count towards the 120 hour graduation requirement.
  • Journalism, Broadcasting and Advertising/Public Relations courses will not be accepted from unaccredited Journalism schools.
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