Student Advisory Board

The student advisory board works with the dean and associate deans to promote educational quality in the college. Members relay students’ opinions and concerns to the college administration and help keep students informed about college issues.

Board members also help with special projects like the fall welcome and intern nights, as well as J Days in spring and events for alumni and the public throughout the year.

Now accepting applications.


Brent Bonfleur

Meet Brent Bonfleur

Jamdan Clang

Meet Jamdan Clang

Anna Fobair

Meet Anna Fobair

Molly George

Meet Molly George

Julia Nguyen

Meet Julia Nguyen

Rachel Quint

Meet Rachel Quint

Tommy Rezac

Meet Tommy Rezac

Shelby Rohlff

Meet Shelby Rohlff

Josh Skluzacek

Meet Josh Skluzacek