Nyakan Timbek, a senior cheerleader at Omaha Bryan, blocks the sun from her eyes while her team practices kicks.

Students will get the opportunity for out-of-class experience in photojournalism, supported by a generous photojournalism endowment. Students will travel to photography international and domestic places of great human need and produce multimedia stories for a public presentation. This hands-on learning will help mold yourself into the professional you want to be. You will be taught, challenged and mentored by faculty member Bruce Thorson. From day one, you will get the opportunity to learn from the best and make a real impact.

My photography improved immensely on these trips because of how much work they entail. I was out at least twelve hours a day, every day, finding ways to visually tell these stories. In those months, my life was nothing but the story in front of me. All that time spent exploring angles and finding moments honed my eye more than any class could.Personally, I feel like I've gained a great deal from these trips. The experience of engaging with people from other cultures is invaluable. Adam Warner Journalism major