University of Nebraska–Lincoln NSAC Celebrates 11 Consecutive Years

University of Nebraska–Lincoln NSAC Celebrates 11 Consecutive Years

Sunday, April 19, 2015 - 7:00pm

The College of Journalism and Mass Communications recently completed 11 consecutive years of participation in the National Student Advertising Competition with a second-place finish in the District 9 regional competition. In addition to the runner-up prize, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln team also received the Best Creative Award and Michael Goff was recognized as the District 9 Advisor of the Year.

Sponsored by the American Advertising Federation, colleges from across Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas and Iowa presented their Pizza Hut campaigns to a panel of industry judges in Kansas City. The college chapters were tasked to put together a comprehensive advertising campaign that included creative executions, media placement, public relations, special events and other promotional tools that encouraged consumers to order Pizza Hut pizza online or through their mobile app.

This is the eleventh consecutive year that University of Nebraska–Lincoln students have competed. Previous teams competed in 2000 and 2002, but 2005 marked the entrance of University of Nebraska–Lincoln into the NSAC competition annually. University of Nebraska–Lincoln won the regional competition for a record six years in a row from 2009-2014 and won the national title in 2012.

According to Goff, the level of competition among the other schools in the district increased this year.

“All the schools presented good campaigns,” Goff said. “Of course it would have been nice to smoke the competition, but it is good for the district that the level of the campaigns is rising.”

University of Nebraska–Lincoln receive high marks for the creative execution of the campaign, which included two magazine ads, a television commercial. The team also scored highly in the presentation category. Goff also noted that the research conducted by the students was also spot on to the target market.

In addition to Goff, adjunct professor Rich Bailey also advised the NSAC team. Various advisors have guided teams throughout the years, including associate professor of advertising and public relations Amy Struthers, who directed her first team in 2005.

Goff noted that the advisor award was really a testament to his fellow advisor, Bailey.

“Rich has been a key part of NSAC success here,” Goff said. “I would have been nice to include him on the award but I was happy to accept the award on his behalf.”

In addition to the guidance of Bailey, Goff credits NSAC success to the college faculty.

“The students’ effort is representative of the faculty,” Goff said. “Their guidance and teaching have resulted in talented and well prepared students.”

Although the end result may not what the team desired, Goff is very proud to work with such highly motivated students.

“This was a good year for us and I’m very proud of this NSAC team,” Goff said. “I have no doubt they will represent us well as they graduate and enter the profession.”