Senior student writes honors thesis on advertising during recessions across history

Monday, April 5, 2021 - 9:45am

Senior advertising and public relations major Bre TenHulzen began her university honors thesis project one year ago at the start of COVID-19 when she decided to research advertising during recessions throughout history and compare it to advertising patterns in the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I wasn't sure how things would transpire, but I knew I wanted to write a thesis that was insightful and relevant as I approached graduation this May,” TenHulzen said. “My experience as a community ambassador for the LNK Is Greater Than campaign inspired me to hone in on the rise of influencer marketing strategies.”

In early March she virtually shared her project with several UNL faculty mentors who all played a major role in TenHuzlen’s success throughout her college career.

“I need to thank Jemalyn Griffin and Adam Wagler for their unrelenting support this past year,” TenHulzen said. “I also want to thank Jordan Gonzales, Samantha Kennelly, and Andrea Gaghagen for attending my defense and supporting my growth at UNL.

You can find TenHulzen’s senior thesis and other projects/experiences she’s worked on while at UNL in her portfolio here.