A message from Dean Struthers

A message from Dean Struthers

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 10:00am
Amy Struthers
Amy Struthers

Let’s celebrate!

This calendar year is an important milestone for both UNL and CoJMC: 150th and 125th anniversaries coinciding in a grand celebration!

The original charter establishing our land-grant university was signed on February 15, 1869. 

And just 25 years later, the first journalism class was taught, spring semester 1894. We have been an important part of the “people’s university” for 125 years. 

 Our campus has so many activities to mark the sesquicentennial. This week in particular is an exciting time to remember our mission of democratizing higher education for Nebraskans and beyond. 

We encourage you to participate by wearing Husker gear for our special Glow Big Red day on Thursday February 14. Maybe you have a CoJMC tee shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie you can sport! We have some nice gear we would love to share with you. You can also join in that day by shining red lights after dark - maybe pull out your holiday strings of light or red glow sticks. Lincoln will he bathed in red, especially on campus!

Our own celebration of our 125th anniversary will pick up speed following Charter Week. The first journalism class, taught by Will Owen Jones, editor of the Nebraska State Journal, included a young Willa Cather among the students. 

Of course, not just our past, but our present and our future hold reason to celebrate. We look forward to telling you more about our current students, staff and faculty. A powerful vision for our future continues to coalesce, where the CoJMC family can discover, take risks and learn together as we help our industries race forward. 

If you are back in Lincoln during this time, swing by the East Campus Dairy Store for some Nifty 150 ice cream, while you revel in the role our disciplines have played in this charge to educate the citizens of our great state, ensuring a free press, a strong economy and an enduring democracy.