Meet the spring 2014 Mosaic reporting class

Meet the spring 2014 Mosaic reporting class

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - 6:00pm

It’s time to welcome a new staff of students to Nebraska Mosaic.

Their ancestors came from Canada, Czechoslovakia, England, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Scotland, South Korea, Sweden and Wales. Only one had ancestors—from among the Luiseno tribe—who’ve always been here.

These students have discovered that their ancestors came to the United States to more freely practice their religion, to avoid military service, to obtain land of their own or to avoid hard times economically or politically. In short, they came to have shots at better lives.

Throughout the spring semester, these University of Nebraska-Lincoln students will be covering Nebraska’s growing refugee and immigrant communities, telling stories and giving voice to some of the state’s newest residents.

Among the stories they will be telling:

• The need for quality translation services in healthcare, education and law enforcement.

• The tradition of offering church services in a variety of languages.

• The popularity of free income tax services for new Americans.

To learn more about this semester’s reporting staff:

• Paige Comried

• Damien Croghan

• Anna Gronewold

• Matthew Masin

• Ruth Oliver

• Travis Shafer

• Allison Shirk

• Frannie Sprouls

• Shelby Wade

• Cara Wilwerding

• Elias Youngquist

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