Larry Walklin retires from CoJMC after 50 years

Larry Walklin retires from CoJMC after 50 years

Friday, October 27, 2017 - 10:00am
Larry Walklin
Larry Walklin retired from the CoJMC after 50 years of teaching

by Alli Inglebright

Larry Walklin, professor at the College of Journalism and Mass Communications, retired Sept. 1 after 50 years of service.

Walklin became interested in broadcasting and radio when he was in high school and knew it was something that he wanted to do. He joined the University of Nebraska–Lincoln journalism program in 1967 and has taught broadcasting and core courses. He said he has been here so long that he has taught everything.

“I was lucky that I knew exactly what I wanted to do at a young age and I did it,” Walklin said. “I was interested in all aspects of journalism including broadcasting, reporting, sales and management.”

When Walklin joined the journalism program he was able to help rebuild it. The program hired a group of young men who would be able to work long hours to rework and rebuild the program. Walklin helped earn the school’s accreditation in 5 years.

Since joining University of Nebraska–Lincoln Walklin has seen many changes in the journalism industry. He said the biggest change has been technology advancements over the years.

“Technology is changing all the time, especially in broadcast,” Walklin said. “Students have to be interested in technology because they are going to have to deal with it changing all the time. I was teaching students a new video system that wasn’t going to be released for another 18 months. They are going to need to know how to use it once they get in the field.”

Along with helping rebuild the program, Walklin also played a key role in setting up the online distance program in 1994.

“The distance program works well in the journalism industry because the JMC faculty are already used to writing for a media audience,” Walklin said.

Walklin’s retirement plans include spending time with his wife and traveling.

“As a professor, you never stop learning,” Walklin said. “You still have ideas and a thirst for knowledge. You might have an idea that can help a colleague or a student working on a thesis.”

Walklin is originally from Grand Island, Nebraska. He completed his B.A. from Kansas State University, his M.A. from Michigan State University and his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa.